Mythics - Keys being ruined

Okay firstly a little background on the subject. We returned a group of friends 2-3 months ago, due to the corona virus and being on lockdown. So far we’ve been enjoying it greatly. Unfortunately we’re now pushing 13-16 keys and have hit a standstill.

We’re in a not so active guild, and rely on the 4th and 5th member to be through pug members. 50% of the time it’s fine, and I’ve met a lot of good and nice people that I’ve since added to invite for future runs. The other 50% on the other hand, can be some of the most vile, unruly and despicable people I’ve ever played with.

That being said, I don’t understand keys locking out groups. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a good run, for one player to leave on a key, either after they caused a wipe, or if they have a beef with someone. “Our healer friend asked a DH to avoid squirrels in Mecha” left after that comment, and rendered our key unuseable…

Why did blizzard not allow you to just finish with a new 5th member?
Maybe make it so, that the key has to time out, before you can do so?

I’m so sick of trying to push keys with my friends, and then having to deal with having to 2-3 runs before getting a high enough key.

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