<N E X T>, another poacher guild!

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Heyho. So this guy from sent this exact message to multiple people in my guild, including me! The imgur will speak for itself:


TL;DR - watch out for the people of N E X T, they be poachin, whispered multiple people in my guild trying to recruit. But your ret paladins are safe at least!


That’s just part of the game. Every guild tries to snipe players from other guilds in order to fill their gaps. If you ain’t doing it, you are doing it wrong.

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Erm… no they don’t. Scummy people try to do that.


Here we go again


If your guilds are doing fine, you shouldn’t be worried about getting your members poached. And if you ain’t doing fine, they’ll leave regardless of being poached or not.

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Who are you really trying to convince here