[N-RP] Assembly of Dusk – A Gathering of the Void (19/07)

Hello Argent Dawn,

I extend to you an invite to the “Assembly of Dusk”!

What is it?

The Assembly of Dusk is a monthly re-occurring gathering for any characters with interests in the Void. Yes, this means that if you’re not a shadow priest but your concept (or even interest) is tied to the Void you’re most welcome to attend!

At first, a select few topics will be discussed at this meeting (usually tied to ongoing events in the lore). Furthermore, time will be allocated for other participants to bring up their own topics to the assembly. All this is to provide opportunities for people to make new roleplaying connections and perhaps even start storylines born from the gathering itself!

Despite the generally antagonistic nature of the Void, this meeting is not for evil-aligned characters (although they can attend, provided they are well-behaved/undercover). The location picked for this meeting is meant to also deter evil-doers as they could face the wrath of Ulduar’s titanforged.

The Sixth Assembly of Dusk

When? Friday, 19th of July @ 8:00 PM (Realm Time)
Where? Temple of Wisdom, Storm Peaks.


Vasaar Duskfield invites any with vested interests in the Void to a gathering of like-minded in Northrend.

(Note: Please don’t involve The War Within spoilers in the RP yet, it is a little too soon for this but it will be addressed in a future Assembly.)


Sarvaad (Alliance) - foxesz (Discord)

Credits to Acrona for the graphic.


This sounds super interesting. I will definitely pay a visit!

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Excellent! Looking forward to seeing you there. :milky_way:

Consumer has great interest in the Void! She knows the importance of self-care.

Jokes aside, I really like the concept of this. I’ll be certainly aiming to attend, and I know of a few fellow Ren’dorei of a similar mind.


This lil’ Void researcher will surely be coming as well! (As long as he has that sweet WoW sub in December. Hopefully he will.)
Looking forward to it and to meeting my Ren’dorei fellas there

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Oh boy the shadows gather.
Looks like a great time, will endeavour to be there.

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I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!! :blush:

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This sounds pretty cool, I’ll be sure to attend.

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I’ve caught up with (and finished) the 10.2 story and there are some very serious implications brought up… It seems some adjustments may need to be made, which will be announced closer to the Assembly date (Friday evening, probably!).

I won’t mention them now either due to spoilers but if you know, you know!

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The idea of this Assembly is great, I’ll make my best to attend!

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This is cool. I’ll be there to add some traditional Forgotten Shadow presence – looking forward to it!


A reminder that we’re only a bit over two weeks away from this!

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This happens a week from today! See you there :eyes:

Very spoopy, will attend if scheduling permits!

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With the raid now fully released, here’s the updated description (and a hook if you need one IC!) of the Assembly. THIS EVENT HAPPENS THIS SATURDAY, 8:00 PM!

Following the defeat of Fyrakk and Amirdrassil’s emergence in Azeroth, there is much to celebrate but not all have been so lucky.

Some unfortunate few heard the whispers speaking of a “Harbinger”, an ill omen for the future.

The Assembly of Dusk will discuss the events involving Fyrakk and what possible dangers lie ahead.

Whether it was a subtle whisper informing you of the Assembly, or rumours going around in familiar circles, the invitation is open to all whose interests lie in the Void.


This is tonight. Be there or be square–let’s discuss the ominous Void and its many tentacles facets!


While I won’t be able to attend today - I wish you luck and look forward to the next one. :grinning:

A wonderful time! Big thanks for setting this up, and looking forward to more potentially to come.


It was great to see so many people attend! And so many cool transmogs, too.

Thank you for hosting the initiative and I hope to be there when next it takes place!

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Thank you all for coming to the Assembly! The turnout was much higher than I expected, especially for its first edition. :blush:

I can already share with you the next date: Friday, 19th of January at 8:00 PM.

More details will be forthcoming, but if 10.2.5 hasn’t dropped by then… you can expect a continuation of what was discussed yesterday along with some other potential hooks (by myself or others, if they wish!).