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Bodies lay strewn over the ground. Horde and Alliance at the steps of Icecrown Citadel. Dead or dying amidst the tattered remains of ghouls. We had been sent to answer one question:

What happened?

Picking through the bodies, we found a few with the breath to tell us. The Alliance had attacked the Scourge, and the Horde had attacked the Alliance in the back. Their breaths—like their spirits—seeped from their lips as a mist and vanished.

Shadows moved in the distant fog, the Scourge returning to claim the dead. There was no time to retrieve, nor even destroy the bodies before the Scourge raised them. The hatred between Horde and Alliance had served the undead and bolstered their numbers.

We returned to the Horde airship circling the skies above to inform the commander of this disaster. I will never forget his response:

“What?! Hah! That is what it means to be Horde!”

That was the last day I considered myself to be Horde.

Who Are We?
The Crimson Sun Brigade (Steamwheedle Cartel / Moonglade / The Sha’tar and Argent Dawn) is a faction neutral paramilitary guild. We care not for the strife between Horde and Alliance. We have chosen to band together in the defence of Azeroth. Now more than ever, the people of Azeroth risk everything by squabbling over old prejudices.

We are currently based in Dalaran, though seek a more permanent base of operations.

What Do We Do?
A bit of everything, so long as it does not break our neutral status. Azeroth is our home. We will do what it takes to save it from anything that would threaten it—from power hungry necromancers to mad scientists, from dark cults to the Legion itself, and everything in between.

Currently, our main focus is the planet itself and we are working tirelessly alongside Khadgar and Magni to save it.

While saving Azeroth is our primary goal, such things like finances can be a tricky. The Crimson Sun Brigade is partially funded on others being able to hire us in nearly all matters aside from direct involvement with the Horde-Alliance war. We offer our blades, our spells, our craftsmanship—our time and effort for coin—which has given us the label of “mercenaries” and “sellswords.”

Flyers for The Crimson Sun Brigade can be seen posted around the capital cities of both factions, as well as the neutral goblin hubs like Booty Bay and Gadgetzan. They advertise our services and the opportunity to join our ranks.

If you are interested in hiring Crimson Sun Brigade or working alongside them during a campaign, please contact Koranith-SteamwheedleCartel / Koranith-ArgentDawn, an Officer, or other member who can point you in the right direction.

Where Are We?
Given the current storyline to save the planet, we can be found anywhere on Azeroth. Our roleplay is not restricted to events, so if you fancy some random roleplay, feel free to search for us and ask.

We’ll occasionally join server-wide campaigns as well, which is a great way to meet us.

Can I Join?
Absolutely! We are welcoming of both new and returning members. If you are interested, send a message to Koranith-SteamwheedleCartel / Koranith-ArgentDawn, or whisper an Officer or other member who can point you in the right direction.

Membership is granted on an IC case-by-case basis. In other words, come hang out with us, let us get to know you, and we’ll take it from there.

The Crimson Sun Brigade is present on Steamwheedle Cartel / Moonglade / The Sha’tar and Argent Dawn, on both Horde and Alliance, and use a BattleNet Community in place of regular /guild chat.

If you’re new to roleplay, new to Warcraft lore, or just don’t feel like you know the lore very well, that’s perfectly fine. We’re happy to answer lore questions and give pointers.

Are There Any Restrictions?
Any race and class is welcome. Heck, we’re founded by a trio of Death Knights with a couple of Warlocks in the higher ranks. Just don’t be evil or rude or moonlight at ‘Plagues R Us’ or the likes. We’re trying to save Azeroth, dammit!

We have no level requirement and will provide some help with leveling, gearing and transmog hunts. We encourage members to help each other through dungeons and group quests, but we will not interrupt an event to do so. Roleplay comes first.

We prefer quality roleplay over quantity, a good disposition IC and OOC, and a healthy distinction between IC and OOC. If you vanish off the face of Azeroth for months at a time without giving a reason—especially in the early days of your membership—you’re likely to be removed from the roster. (Those removed for inactivity are welcome to re-apply if they feel more able to commit the time.)

What Would I Do?
The roles (note: not ranks) within the guild are as follows:

Combat Oriented:

  • Melee combatant
  • Ranged combatant
  • Spellweaver
  • Medic

Travel Oriented:

  • Scout
  • Messenger
  • Errand boy
  • Trader
  • Provisioner: hunting, fishing, and gathering to help feed the brigade.

General Upkeep at HQ:
(Less exciting work that generally does not lend itself to events. Good for an alt, bad for a main. Specialise at your own risk.)

  • Medic: from magic to surgeon to simple nurse, but avoiding field work.
  • Guard
  • Any trade profession (smith, leatherworker, tailor, scribe, carpenter, engineer).
  • Logistics staff (organisation and paperwork)
  • Kitchen staff

NOTE: Individuals can cover more than one role. Such as a combat-capable ranger who is also a scout, helps as a provisioner when not assigned to a combat mission, and takes the occasional guard shift at HQ.


Looking forward to the up coming Rogmasha campaign! Attending with Arlana Everbranch or Kalithus Maernt’larn


Always a thrill to see where goes with this bunch :smiley:

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CSB will be attending Rogmasha’s server-wide Azerite campaign at the end of November. (Neutral side, of course.) We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and having a blast!


As the mission for Azerite on Stonemaul Island draws nearer its end, there is a sense of eagerness to put the events behind us. Our work has been vital and the new connections have been forged, but the stress of being squeezed between the Horde and the Alliance has put a lot of strain on our minds


A recent mission to Northrend ended in an emergency evacuation for the Crimson Sun when an Azerite elemental exploded, setting off a chain reaction with the Azerite in the ground around it. Miraculously there was only one casualty, the Illidari named Andrynius, who’s condition has been stabilised.

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And so a new year begins with new opportunities on the horizon. I look forward to another year of great RP! ^^

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