[N-RP] crystals,plants, and where to find them

a flashy post appears near the Dalaran greenhouse,saying the following in bright ink on a piece of parchment:

The jewelers retreat leader is now preforming a guest lecture at the botany band!
the lecture focuses on jewelry,Crystals,and where they meet the wildlife and flora, and accompanied by a trip to the Terrokar forest near Shattarath city!
all participants will receive a small themed gift,and are invited to a dinner at the adventure’s conclusion,hurry up to write your names!

the botany band is a guild focusing on the plant life on azaroth and beyond, and accepts every adventurer with a green thumb!


– ‘Count me in! I bring pandamonium!’ :panda_face:


Is this today? 8 pm realm time?

does the sun still rise?

Not in northern Norway :laughing: :milky_way:

lucky them,but we still have an event

luck us, indeed :grinning:

writes his name on the thing.

Some scratched lines are put under the list.
It might read as Yang, with some fantasy.

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