[N-RP] Go West! (life was peaceful there)

A leaflet with rune-like letters, is neatly placed in the Botany Book. The message reads:

The hunt is on! While replenishing the Band’s stocks of stranglekelp and bruiseweed west of Alexton Farmstead, Beart had his paw mangled by Snipper’s kin and a boar looked me funny.
It is widely known, that the fiefdom of Westfall once provided much of the produce for Stormwind. Since the famed farmsteads have fallen on hard times, the populations of all kinds of animals have increased rapidly, threatening the populations of many herbs growing in the region. So instead of harvesting for our stocks, I suggest to cull some of them and bring balance back to Stormwind’s yard. So, if you are willing to risk some sharks and fleshrippers, the area is home to some of the juciest crabs and fattest boars in the Eastern Kingdoms. They say a sea-side barbecue in Westfall attracts coyotes. Good, we will have earned our beer-basted ribs and crab cocktails then!

Objectives: Meet with the Botany Band in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange on this Night of the Moon (28th of MAy 2020 at 20:00 server time).

Requirements: Mode of transportation to Westfall. Hunting equipment suited for hunting Westfall’s wilflife. Cooking fire skill and recipes for cooking boar, crab, fleshripper, shark and coyote.

*The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb! *


Thanks for a lovely event, everyone! I felt it was full of RL sense, too :nerd_face:


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