[N - RP] Greeting the New Moon

On the first Sunday of every month,

(July 4th! Who knows, maybe there’ll be fireworks…?)

from around 8 pm realm time,

(I’m unsure if the time of the moonrise is affected by daylight savings time… During “summer time”, it rises between 9:30 pm and 10 pm)

you are peacefully invited to watch the moon rise,

  • unarmed,

on the cliffs south/west of Stormwind - south of Stormwind harbor, west of the Mage District.

Please bring

Elixir of Tongues,

so that you can interact with the other faction.

Usually a wise and nice night elf will say some wise and nice words as the moon rises (the big one, not the small one).

(I’ve found it impossible to get there on a non-flying Horde character, so you intend to come on such a character, please post here, and I’ll “ferry” you from Grom’gol

(which I think is the easiest, nearest fast travel point from Orgrimmar).


Flying services here too :dragon:

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