[N-RP] Greeting the New Moon

After the ‘Moonrise’ fading into darkness as the Shadowlands campaign dragged on,

perhaps it is time to rekindle the campfire we used to gather around,

on the cliffs to the south-east outside of Stormwind, in sight of the city wall, with a view of Westfall (on a clear day).

The next Greeting (of) the New Moon would be Sunday January 1st 2023.

Seems like you forgot that one, old man…
(Yes, he’s an old man, but he’s my old man.)

The first Sunday of the (next) month is a fortnight away, minus a few hours.

(February 5th, from 9p.m. realm time.)

I know many of the more adventurous denizens of Azeroth have traveled to the Dragon Isles, or plan to do so, but I do hope there will be a time and a place for

Greeting the New Moon.

With the rumored upcoming joint effort of

Aiding the Dragonscale Expedition,
perhaps the time is ripe to be
Greeting the New Moon
at a new location, somewhere universally accessible, on the Dragon Isles…

Now that the 5th is approaching, looking at what my days are like, I don’t think I will be able to attend… I do still hope others get together and have a good time. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are some things that require my attention over the next few days, and I don’t currently know the specific time(s) I will be occupied…

So the chance of a Morgan
(that’s my family name)
attending the Greeting of the New Moon, are uncertain at the moment.

Oh, the first Sunday of the next month? I will be away, so I am not sure if I will be able to attend…