[N-rp ]Hallow's end ball - part 11!

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Good members of the horde it is our -The Forsakens- pleasure to invite you and a guest of your choice to attend the formal annual Hallow’s End celebration. With the loss of Undercity this year the celebrations are chosen to take place in a more secure location near Pyrewood village

On the 29th day of October at 20:00 evening, in the beautiful area of Silverpine forrest and in its magnificent location of Shadowfang Keep, a feast will be made, music shall flow, displays of fireworks shall be seen, amidst plentiful dance and laughter under the Banners of the Forsakens thereby. -

You are hereby cordially invited to attend this year’s annual Hallow’s End Ball.

It would be our utmost privilege and honor if you would choose to join us in the celebration of this day of Hallows End! - It is a time when the Forsaken choose to celebrate their freedom, for it was during this time that we, as a faction, broke away from the traitor-Prince and the vile foul Scourge under a banner of our own. On this day, the world celebrates victory over horror and death. And as such are all the more appropriate, in these current times.

You are encouraged to join the community in donning their finest, or most terrifying attire, and aid us in remembering these times, as we pay respect to all that we have fought for and continue to fight. But furthermore can display that we, regardless of races and believes or faith, can band together in celebration of our freedom and true form in the face of the past war the wrath of death and the threats there have risen and been defeated.

By honoring traditions such as this, we strengthen ourselves against the forces that would once again overpower us, for this world has known little rest nor peace. Yet at times as these, we have a moment of peace and we invite you all to join and celebrate our freedom. So, seek a partner to invite to the Ball, and join us in honoring both for the Forsaken’s and all others that bring their strength and joy to the Horde in death and life."

“A Horde that stands truly united, and yet even now faces the terrors of Scourge and from beyond the veil of death. As well as other foes whom we, when standing together, will vanquish for the horde”



Hai! everyone.

Did you really think we would not have a ball this year ?!.

So another year have passed and its time for the 11th (the anniversary) round of the little traditional Ball of the Forsaken’s! so lets make it a grand ball !

so! what’s the deal this year ?

well lets start with the things there never changes (such as the baseline of this post)

we are starting the event up officially at the 29th october - 20:00 server time at Silverpine forrest - Shadowfang keep (dont run into the instance) invites can be handed out ½ a hour before for those inpatient and we spend abaut half a hour on being social so the events will kick off araund 20:00 server time.

And the program will include in a random order

-Music: There will be IC music music to enjoy (i need a ooc playlist for this year in case someone want to help out with that).
-Feast: Good food and drink for empty bellies.
-Dancing Competition: Our judges will take some time to select a winner among volunteering dancers in a little contest.
-Most Creative Outfit: Who will have the best, most original costume this year ?official outfits wont fit here
-Best official dressed single person: who of the unfortunate single person’s looks the best? if in a costume you wont fit here
-Lord and Lady of the Ball!: whom can act the Most royal, whom can command a dancefloor and look astonishing and be willing to help the judges truout the remaining category’s ?
-fireworks: expect a lot of it!

In addition to that a band of awesome people have found new minor events to offer doing the ball, in case we have the time for them, however as i never know before the ball is running such events will not be revealed and instead you will just have to show up to see what we have in store, yet for those whom may also have an idea or want to in other ways help out please do contact me.

that said, single individuals may just walk around and offer entertainment on there own, such as fortune telling, smear your face with ash etc. etc. (maybe even add a finding the skull game)

Being a formal ball, your more than welcome to bring a companion because who really wants to be seen as the lone person leaning against the wall ? when we have a entire dancefloor ? (unless you aim to win the best dressed single person competition although that don’t matter) - and with non to dance or talk to, besides who knows, you may end up being the Lady or Lord of the ball !. (or pay sim his 10% match making fee and have a chance for a random encounter and he will ofcurse make a formal introduction)

As per custom I’d like to remind everyone that this is a formal ball and i kindly ask that the warlocks leaves there demons in the nether, the death knights leave there minions of the scourge in a pile of bones, demon hunters reframe from morphing into a demon.

Now what have changed ?

(spoiler alert!) undercity is still a pile of deadly blight and is hard to rp in such so the entire event will once again take place at the outlines of Shadowfang Keep in silverpine forrest, warmode will be off for the event so remember to change that in Orgrimmar - and (spoiler alert!) Yes the scourge are back by the maw yes shadowlands is a mess and all such nonsense and ofcurse as There’s been no news on the intire eastern kingdom and the forsaken lands (from what ive been able to find, thanks blizz) thus there will be a heavy force of forsaken guards to safekeep the ball’s guests so lets attempt to find common ground and show we stand united against the new treats of Azeroth who yet have shown there faces! .
That said, I’ve been asked if alliance players may join and ofcurse they may! as long a they keep there weapons’ at home and remember there elixir of tongues (and ill try to remember mine)

I’d like to say thank you to Kimble kessia who both helped out with ideas and coming up with ideas and support, there both wonderful for there help and aid! (ow and they are judging you this year!)
and a special thanks to half the hand of the titans for there demands of having me make another event this year even tho i was thinking 10 years of a ball, let someone else do it now but no i had to be dragged out of retirement so thanks for that !

and i hope to see you all at our servers little traditional annual ball !


Aaaw, no demons? I guess I would have to attend as a single, then. Perhaps I might see some of that… fishball? game that I’ve heard about…

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The party is this Friday and I still don’t have a costume. That bodes well!


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