[N-RP] Herbway to Heal!

A leafy leaflet with moonglow ink is neatly placed on the local billboard:

Are you living easy, loving free and asking nothing with a season ticket on a one way ride? Are you ready to take everything in your stride with no need for reason nor rhyme? Then join the Botany Band on the next Night of the Moon. There is nothing that you would rather do, and your friends are gonna be there too! On the Herbway to Heal!

Objectives: Meet with the Botany Band in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange on the next Night of the Moon (12th of July 2021 at 20:00 server time). A full party of bodacious botanists, adventurous arborists and mythical mycologists are required for the lecture to take place. Sign up here before the end of the week!

  1. Dulvarinn Moonwalker
  2. Uda Dryden
  3. Helgi Helstrøm
  4. Sharon Wells
  5. The Blackfall Brigade (+5 people)

The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb! :metal:


Uda signs her name on the paper


Helgi jots down his name is his familiar spiky rune-like handwriting


Signing up as Sharon and the rest of the Brigade. :ocean:


The Night of the Moon is nigh. I shall verdantly await you! :herb:


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