[N-RP] Investigating Insidious Instances

An ordinary-looking, albeit long-ish, leaflet with fel-green ink is placed slightly crookedly on billboards for both the Horde and the Alliance:

On the evening of Monday October 11th, able-bodied herbalists and fishermen (or -women) are wanted for an evening with investigations of the infamous and dangerous Crimson Forest of Drustvar in Kul Tiras.

The goal this evening is to sample plants and fish, and other things if they turn up, in the area around what is called Gol Inath.

Be warned, this land is cursed. The Drust - and some non-Drust who decided to join them - performed dark rituals here for centuries. The soil seems saturated with sinister magic.

I want to analyze any samples we are able to gather, and try to determine how they are affected, and if the effect is permanent or if it can be undone.

Any who parttakes in this endeavor is expected to be able to defend themselves.
Of course, we must all aid in the safekeeping of the expedition as a whole if necessary, but if too many of us are defenseless, we are effectively all defenseless.

I therefore ask you to bring fishing equipment, and/or whatever needed to gather herbs if you are botanically inclined. And, most importantly, your preferred weapon, if you need one, for self defense.

The Drust were supposedly vanquished during the 4th war, but there can be hostile wildlife, possibly still affected by the dark energies in the area, or even dangerous Drust sympathizers.

Please sign your name below if you want to join us in this perilous, but important undertaking. We should be 5 or more brave expeditioners to be safe.

~ Morton West, guest expeditionist for The Botany Band.


  • 1. Morton West.
  • 2. Anna North.
  • 3. Isilae.
  • 4.
  • 5.

Objectives: Meet with the Botany Band in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran off the Broken Isles, on the next Night of the Moon (Monday evening, the 11th of October at 8, realm time).

The investigation will be in Kul Tiras, as mentioned. It is therefore important that you are able to travel to Kul Tiras (and Drustvar).

(For Horde characters, having unlocked the foothold in Drustvar (Anyport) is required, unless you have another foothold in Kul Tiras and don’t mind traveling (ideally flying, as ground travel would take forever) from there to the Crimson Forest.)

Flying is not required, but may make travel easier.

Remember Elixir of Tongues, to ease conversation between factions.

(And perhaps turn off War Mode? I don’t PVP, so I have no idea if it matters…)

The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb!


After waiting for a few minutes, and chatting a bit with Anna, Morton the undercover warlock leaves a note in the Greenhouse.

I did not deem it safe to go to The Crimson Forest with just Anna and myself. We might have survived, but I don’t want to gamble with our lives.

This means we did not go to The Crimson Forest tonight.

Don’t go there looking for us.

Until next time. -Morton West.


Since the expedition was aborted yesterday due to understaffing, we will try again next week.

Please sign up here, if you feel like a thrilling Drustvar adventure at 8 o’clock, realm time, next Monday evening (the 11th).


Delightful! I shall join if at least five players in total have signed up by the end of the week. :herb:


Anna walks by and notices the note.
“Aha, a new date available, promissed I would be there.”
She signs with ‘Anna North’.


I should be about this evening so add me to the list.


Thanks, ye who came, sorry it fell through.

Edward Egan at the Dalaran Commerce Exchange was asked to inform the rest of The Band (and anyone who might show up later, for the expedition) that the expedition is called off indefinitely.

Edward would probably gleefully point out that the warlock who attempted to initiate the expedition, was last seen heading into the Underbelly of Dalaran, intent on finding someone crazy/dumb/desperate enough to join his expedition…


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