[N-RP] Procuring Plentiful Pieces of a Puzzle for People's Protection

A leaflet inked in some oceanic green color is squarely placed on the local billboard:

Evergreen Expedition:
Help needed to safely acquire certain assets which are of great importance to some folks.


Meet with the Botany Band in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange on the next Night of the Moon

(the 14th of June 2021, 8pm realm time),

preferably with a couple Elixir of Tongues :test_tube: in case there are expeditionists from different factions.


The aforementioned Elixirs.

The following are not required, but each will add comfort, quality of life, and efficiency to the undertaking:

(Expert) Riding Skill, a flying mount/form, herbalism skill, :fishing_pole_and_fish: fishing skill, the Find Fish skill, the Anglers Fishing Raft. :rowing_man:

  • The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb! :seedling:

Helgi reads the message, raises an eyebrow and gruffly mumbles ‘Great importance to some people, Lìllían? Well, we are intrigued.’
The dwarf cringes as the big brown bear shakes himself dry, showering him in mud. He grins and wrings out his beard. Let’s thank Rethiel for his services and be on our way, Beart. It’s a ways if we are to make it to Dalaran tonight.


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