[N] RP Public cross-guild campaign - Argent Crusade call to arms against the Scourge in Plaguelands

The Scourge runs rampant across the lands and while major settlement held, the Northern reached of the Eastern Kingdom and nearly overwhelmed save for few isolated pockets of light and oft times Hearthglen came under siege by an army of shambling undead directed by an auspicious undead warlord.

Withered by attrition and ever-present conflict, the Argent Crusade issued a call to cleanse the land in a coordinated effort and pave and stem the wave of corruption spilling forth and poisoning lands north- and southwards.

OOC note

Hi all and that’s for the campaign pitch. I’m planning on putting together an arc in the Western Plaguelands in an effort to bring realm guilds together and engage people who haven’t had a chance to RP in a while. Any questions, feel free to ask here.

The campaign will consist of destruction of key strategic objectives across Plaguelands in a coordinated effort DMed by myself and other volunteer DMs using a simple d100 system.

I have already run a few meetings in Hearthglen, but there will be a briefing session for the opening stages to set the scene.

I’m looking to begin on the second weekend August (13th), running for about a week depending on number of participating guilds. Non-guilded characters are welcome and there will be activities ahead of the campaig nstart

The campaign will consist of combat, social investigations and RP crafting and engineering to support the war effort. My plan is to run it as a collaborative effort of multiple parties rather than a series of combat events every other evening with focus on the characters themselves, their interactions and activities ouf ot combat.

The campaign will be set before the events of the patch and thus Lordaeron city is still a pool of sludge.

I’m also looking for support DMs so along with sign ups please indicate if you’ve got DMing experience. While you may not be necessarily asked to run events, it would be useful to have a helping hand if need be.

Please indicate your guild, how many people you expect to join if you sign up on behalf of your gang and your faction - if you’re guildless you’re more than welcome to join as well and it will be a chance for your characters to park it in the Argent Vanguard subject to character development.

A campaign discord has been set up, please join it for updates: 7csWnmpUd5

Current list:

  1. Hand of the Titans

Hi there! Which weekend in August are you running this campaign? Just curious of the exact dates!

Hi, I’m preliminary planning to start on the 5th, which is Friday, but can start the weekend later as I’d like to give interested guilds ample time to wrap up their campaigns.

So you’d say the 13th of August?

Ideally the 5th but depends on what suits most people - if more people can make the 12-13th, we’ll make a start proper then. Depending on how campaign discord fills up, I may start arranging evening RP between participants ahead of that to get to know people (and their characters) better.

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Let me speak with my fellow Officers, we’re running a plot the week of the 5th until the 13th/14th. So we’d be available – we’re provisonally very excited and eager to take part in this campaign!


I like the sound of this, but I’m on vacation with my family; my nowadays and evenings are extremely unpredictable, so I have no idea when or if I could participate.

Around the 14th, vacation’s over, and I’ll be RPing with the Tower of Krasha. (On another platform.)

Hope this goes well, though!

I was in a few multi-guild campaigns a while back, and it was great fun :smiley:

Responding to officially enter the Hand of the Titans! Can’t wait !

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Looking forward to it - I’ll be running a few interactions and meetings for everyone ahead of the campaign.

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So tonight it is starting finally! Looking forwards to the campaign and also looking forwards to meeting some new faces!


The campaign is underway: the reinforcements supporting the Argent Crusade are in Eastern Plaguelands, having exercised Darrowshire tainted by a fel relic and are now gearing up to breach through Western Plaguelands to relieve Hearthglen.

The group is currently stationed at Crown Guard tower and campaign is open for all on a drop in/drop out basis.

Event discord link: discord[dot]gg/7csWnmpUd5

Looking forward to this evening!

The war party breached through Eastern Plaguelands past the Forsaken blockade and is now in Western Plags, it’s not too late to join - everyone is welcome, both horde and ally. Drop in the event discord for updates and RP alerts!

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Not enough Pandaren, bring me next time, tsk tsk!

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