[N-RP] Seems Fishy... First Friday

Friday November 6th
8pm realm time
Booty Bay (at least until we agree on a better location for both factions, and low levels)

On the off chance that anyone else enjoys fishing i.c., I post this even though I won’t be able to attend myself because of a RL social thing on the evening of Friday November 6th. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Edit: My work social thing was Coronated, so I guess I’ll be fishing after all! :grinning:


tomorrow!! let’s fish!!

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Re: spots. There’s a very nice spot near Halfhill in Pandaria, with a boat and all. It is now accessible to anyone at level 10+.


Personally I like Booty Bay the most! :palm_tree:


I like the lake in crystalsong forest, maybe we can do something there?

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I know I’m very much a nerd, but I want events to feel plausible, (in the Warcraft context) - even open, unscripted ones - so meeting in a peaceful, accessible place makes sense to me.

Crystalsong Forest seems on the more adventurous side - surely not inconceivable, but outside of my open, unscripted hosting comfort zone. :nerd_face:


It’s the first Friday of the month, and I’m gonna try again 8 pm realm time.

(I probably should have promoted it earlier, but it only dawned on me quite recently, that it is the first Friday of a new month already.)

I completely understand if people are busy with other things.

I’ll be in pretty much the middle of Booty Bay, by the ramp that leads down to the water.

If no one shows up, I might go to Crystalsong Forest to scout for potential social fishing spots there.

Plus, Crystalsong Forest gives me Christmas vibes. :christmas_tree:


On behalf of my alt above, I hereby declare that I will be a good 15-25 minutes late for this wannabe social fishing event :smile:

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Thanks for coming/staying, even though I was quite late. It was very nice - well, the topic of eating people was not, but other than that :grinning: :ok_hand:t2:

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Today, on the first Friday of the year, quite possibly a national holiday in many countries, I’m not expecting many, but I will go and fish

in the middle-ish of Booty Bay,
by the down-ramp to the sea,
at 8 pm realm time

(maybe build some fishing skill on an alt), and see if anyone comes :fishing_pole_and_fish: :cowboy_hat_face:


Sad to say I seem to have been a few minutes late for this :frowning:
Walked around Booty Bay for a bit, didn’t see anyone, tried general chat, still nothing. Guessing no one else showed up, or Booty Bay has some weird sharding going on that didn’t let me find you.

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I messed up and didn’t arrive until after nine :roll_eyes:

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