[N - RP:] The Moonrise

In my absence, I did not notice this event
(formerly known as
Greeting The New moon)
slipping into the Book of Forgotten Things.

On the first Sunday of the month,

September 4th,
Peaceful individuals of either faction,
who put their weapons away,
are welcome
just outside the Stormwind City wall,
west of the Mage District.

Do bring a few Elixir of Tongues if you have any.

(For Horde characters, in my experience, it is impossible to get there without flying.)

The next, umm, first Sunday of a month
is next week. I would like to experence it (a neutral gathering just outside Stormwind).

Only a couple of days away now… I wonder, when the moon rises on Sunday evening, what feet will caress the soil just outside Stormwind.

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