[N-RP] The Semi-Annual Storytelling Night 📜

(New thread! By popular demand I decided to make the Story Night happen less often in order to better accomodate guild activities. The Story Night will happen twice a year in order to make it feel more impactful and give people more time to accumulate stories that can be shared via RP, because as of right now this is difficult to do when some guild campaigns last much longer than that.)

Twice a year all those who hold storytelling close to their hearts are invited to Gadgetzan for a night of traditional fables from faraway lands, tales both old and new, stories completely made up and those you swear are real! Gather around the “social” area, share a mug of ale and enjoy the night!

27th of February 2022, 20:00 Server Time
28th of August 2022, 20:00 Server Time
Where: Gadgetzan, Tanaris. The eastern side of the city, with the tables… and the butcher?
Who: All those who wish to tell (or hear) a good story.
Requirements: Elixir of Tongues, as the event is now A/H-RP-friendy!

Participants are encouraged to prepare their own stories to share! Be it your favourite real-world fables repurposed to fit the reality of Azeroth, brand-new tales made up on the spot or even a drunken recount of that one time on Argus that you collectively swore to never mention again, in this traditional pastime there’s time for them all.


BONUS! Storytelling tips and tricks:

  • Elixir of Tongues can be bought from an NPC for less than 30g. Don’t ever get it from AH, sellers overprice it dramatically!
  • If possible, pre-write your story! If your story doesn’t rely on the audience’s input, having it pre-written in a text document (and ideally put in small chunks that can be copy-pasted) can greatly speed up the process.
  • Install a storytelling-friendly addon. Story Teller is a fun one that allows you to copy-paste a long chunk of text and automatically breaks it up into neat one-say-long bits. Another one I recommend is Emote Splitter–perfect for those who have trouble estimating where the /say limit is.
  • The best copy-pasting pace seems to be dictated by the speech bubbles–after posting your /say, wait for the speech bubble to disappear and give it another two or three seconds before pasting the next chunk. It seems to be a good balance which gave people enough time to read everything.

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