[N-RP] The Wayfinders

In which the travel book gets team contributions:

Travel book entry: 12th February

Dear book,

More stuff has happend. We went to the loonar festival in Moonglade an it was nice an very moon-y. There were firewerks too. I saw Norsha again which was nice. Also told Cris where I came from an she was nice aboot it and not weard. Dunno what I ekspected but am glad I told her stuff. It’s hard to talk aboot me childhood.

Then we went ta Winterspring which is a dum name for a place like they could nae deside which season it is. I like it here though even if it’s a wee bit cold. We found a yetee what had ice magiks in it an some primulists also. Then we cookt things an I made soop like me teacher used ta make eksept I dinnae remember how much barly goes in it so I used all of it. It was good soop anywee. Mud also made soop an nobody liked it very much but they pre-tended they did which was nice even tho they are all sh*te at pre-tendin. Cris made good spider.

Oh rite we also pickd up three drakthir. They are good. Kyrzen made fish it was very tasty. I dinnae knoo what to make of the drakthir but these are good an I like em. Also we got two more elfs. There’s a lot o elfs. Oh and the preastes Moondream is here too but does nae fight on a count o she’s blind. She is very nice tho and I like her too. She makes better jokes than anyone else altho I won’t tell anyone that.

Then yesterday we went lookin at a mine that the primulists had been to but then there were more elementals but fire this time. There was a biggun an two elfs. Kaldis said the elfs might be droods of the flame which sounds rite daft ta me like flame is nae what you want in a forest is it. But those are a thing. We fawt them an there was elementium in tha mine becus of course there is elementium in tha mine. One drood flew off so we’re gonna try ta track em down I think an see what they’re doin with it. For now we are restin in High-Jal (it is very high). I got ta smell the Well o Eaternity. It smelt blue.

That is all for now. Good nite book.

P.S. still dunno how names are spelt.



Look forward to bumping randomly into you all on my travels!

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Always had a soft spot for adventuring guilds after I ran one years ago, and this is the perfect expansion for it aswell to start one!

Love the art and the IC stories, will keep an eye out for more of the writings in the thread since you’re all great it!
Good luck with the guild! :slight_smile:


Travel Book Entry: 23rd February

Dear book,

It has been a while since I wrote to you from the heart. We’ve just come down from Hyjal and there has been so many changes. I feel like I’ve gotten much closer with my people, I’ve had enough time to sing my gratitudes, and my world is shifting in ways that I never suspected.

I’ve found love. A mercy that I thought was lost for me, it is slowly creeping in around me. I sound dramatic, but I think I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that Aurelle has thrown me off balance. Emotions that had been bottled up somewhere deep inside are bubbling to the surface, and I think that makes me stronger.

In Hyjal we spoiled the plot of some druids of the flame, who’d resurfaced. They had been collecting together elementium so they could re-purpose old twilight hammer portals. We don’t know yet if they are linked to the primalists or simply opportunistic but I wager that we will find out eventually, because they will be quite mad about us locking them in by breaking their portals to the Firelands.

One thing I’ve realized quickly is that in the effort of doing good, I’ve also painted a target on our backs for those who are in it for themself. If these primalists and druids are in tow, or become in tow because they both hate us, let them come. I will let my axe speak for me.

We’re in Astranaar right now, just sitting outside in our camp and my body is aching all over. Aurelle tells me to sleep and I will, if not to first write down some final words.

I am truly grateful for this world I live in, and I love it with every fibre of my being. I’ve seen now the denizens of Azeroth and I believe there is a path to cross to a better future, I feel like one of the people placing down the tiles for everyone and that in itself is worth every minute.

Goodnight book.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders have arrived to Ashenvale and rests at Astranaar for the following days. The first stories have begun and the future is merry.


I ran into two of The Wayfinders last night, and it was a very pleasant encounter. I hope our paths cross again some day. Best of luck with the guild, and with all the adventuring ahead! :crescent_moon:

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Travel Book Entry: 3rd March

Dear book,

I’m sitting in the shade of a palm tree. We’ve returned to Stranglethorn Vale now, not without worry. Our voyage was fairly peaceful until we entered tropical waters. Two pirate ships came out from the cover of some islets, and they were soon upon either side of our ship.

We had new civilians with us since when we travelled across the world last time, so I had to order them into the crew quarters, then we took positions on deck while Gáel, a human we’d saved from a grave mistake in Ashenvale, took up place behind a cannon.

The pirates however were not alone, as the other ship had a crew of trolls, mixed between the various tribes with what seemed to be a zandalari captain. Asdarneth took out the pirate ship’s sail while Hanari shredded the troll’s one. They tried to use shamans to give them wind and speed but Lariadelle and Daera enveloped them in fire. We damn near sunk their ships before we finally naturally outran them.

The captain was not happy with me, because the enemies captain had been calling out our name. They had apparently been a planned ambush on us coming back home. I remembered the man, because he might have been the person we tricked on our first mission as the Wayfinders. (See January 5th entry).

Otherwise it has been quite the week. We’ve been enjoying the weather, partaking in the market on Wednesday, where I met the vulpera’s Eijo and Fira, who will be helping out Kyrzen on his studies, and the day after that we had a barbeque cook out on the beach where we met Kuurei, the traveling krokul shaman.

I look forward to the many next chapters ahead of us book.

Have a good day.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders are now in Stranglethorn to finish out the last money they need towards their ship.

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Travel RP always takes me back to the old days when there were no flying mounts to make things trivial.

Always good to see this kind of thing out there.


Travel Book Entry: 12th March

Dear book,

Yesterday we went out to visit the colony again. it was peaceful on the way up, and we were accompanied by Eijo and Fira. Soon after arriving however, we were ambushed by the Destined Spears, a collective of mixed troll tribes, Gurubashi, Amani, Drakari and Farraki. They attacked with no mercy, shooting after civilians and Aurelle, who was struck by an arrow and electrocuted. I still feel the rage seeping through my body, but I got my revenge in the end. We fought them back and caused them to flee.

Kyrzen was quite upset by the dissapearance of Hecate, who had abandoned the priestess during the scuffle. I withhold my voice about it but just for you book, I hold some resentment to the animal for what it did to her. Not much of a companion at all it seems.

After a moment of healing and respite, seeing to our wounded, I set out with a handful of the Wayfinders, Kaldis, Daera, Drak, Eijo and Fira, Asdarneth and Kyrzen. We were first met by two guards and a brute, but our weapons bit a bit harder, our feet were a bit quicker, and the pursuit was like a pack of ravenous dogs. Asdarneth turned the brute into a raisin with bronze magic and then we were on to fight the shadowhunters.

While one of them started to hex three of us into frogs, my friends had to deal with the other ones poisonous blades. I will admit to not have much to say about this fight in particular but I’ve been told Kyrzen and Daera saved the vulpera. I was released from the spell with a poisoned blade, and I turned my rage into the shadow hunter, until my blade sunk deep into their body.

I felt a rage take over me this night, it gave me great courage but it also scared me a little. Scared of what I’m willing to do to my enemies. We were too late to stop the Captain of the Destined Spears from leaving, as he used his own men as cannonfodder. I hate him, I despise that lack of heart.

The portal was held up by two statues, which we took and plan to use to find the coordinates to get to their island. It’s time to finish this.

Let my blade be hell bent, book.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders look to take out their first big enemy in the Bloodsail coalition tonight.

The Wayfinders have now left Booty Bay behind for the open sea! The newly built ship named the Wanderlust takes the crew to new horizons.


Travel Book Entry: 26th March

Dear book,

I’m at a loss for words. We had finally acquired the Wanderlust, our ship, my new home, when we set out from Booty Bay to the Dragon Isles. The journey was fairly long, traversing most known latitudes along the coastline of the Eastern-kingdoms. I was really starting to enjoy myself, with my life with the Wayfinders, Auri, and Fisher my son(Actually a cat, Westfallcoon).

Then disaster struck. As the mountains of the Azure Span rose up to meet us, a storm lay itself down upon us. After a moment of quiet as we eclipse the middle of the storm, the side of it came rushing for us. My crew had to fight off powerful wind elementals with lightning cores, the main bulk went for my crew while I was protecting Aurelle on the higher levels. One by one they fell but the last one who stood at the central mast combined its cores with two others to cause a self-destructive blow, which sent us reeling into a whirlpool that flung us into the coastline.

All throughout the battle, a dark voice had been calling into the winds, controlling her minions and wreaking havoc. When we’d destroyed her minions, she came down and struck Daera out of the ship into the waves. Then all I saw was black before I woke up at the shoreline. I tried to tally everyone before jumping into the water to find Aurelle and Softfeather. Getting up on the shore, everyone was mended as we could.

I told Charlie to collect as much of the supplies as they could, while the others came down to the body of a red drake. I knew it was Daera ofcourse, but Mudsnarl was very surprised by the revelation.

Eijo and Fira found a spot on the grass by a rock and tree’s that gave enough shelter for the night, and we settled down there as a group to catch our bearings. Aurelle woke up later and I explained her what happend.

I will make the best of the day now to protect them.

Good day book.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders are shipwrecked on the coast of Azure Span and are in dire straits, with limited supplies they need to find their way through wilderness to the closest settlement.

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I’ve been kinda lurking on the forums for a few months now umming and erring about what guilds look cool, but this might be the first time I’ve stumbled across one that immediately lit up that part of my brain that makes the “Ooh! Nice!” type feeling. I get DnD adventure party vibes from it and frankly, I love it.


I’m interested in joining, where/when can you be found ingame? The broken /who function makes it hard to locate guilds or even find out if they’re online.

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Here’s a top tip for that!

If you type “/who g-” It will actually work when searching for guilds. I don’t know why, but this sort of fixes the broken /who function. I’ve been using it myself to check for online members of guilds.


The absolutely easiest way to get in contact with me is by sending a mail(Like, literally ingame letter) with your contact information, like discord or battlenet. If that’s uncomfortable, It atleast gives me the name of your character so I can add you to my friendlist and see when you get on.

However I try to be on around 20 realm time every day for a bit so that is the easiest time to find me.

Sounds like an interesting concept! I may be curious enough to join, so I will keep an eye open regardless. :slight_smile:

(Also, do ignore my old Classic character. My main is a Rogue, not a Paladin! :joy: )

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Travel Book Entry: 3rd April.

Dear book,

I wanted to write down something from the heart. It has been a while since I’ve confessed myself to you in a way that felt genuine. I’ve been so caught up in things, that I’ve only ever talked about what is happening, rather then what I feel.

Losing the ship so quickly to the storm was hard on me. Even harder was having to act like it didn’t matter to me. We’d been working on this for a while, and I’d thought that now we had a clear pass to whatever it is we wanted to do. That was not to pass. I found myself stranded with these individuals I had brought along with me and I felt myself responsible for their well being. I think that’s quite rational, but Aurelle tells me all the time that people knew what they signed up for.

Traveling is not always easy and delightful, especially when you try to do acts of good, the people who you spoil the plans of, whether they’re misguided, mind addled by one or another reason, or actually simply cruel people who don’t care for others suffering as long as it helps their cause, you will inadvertently put a crosshair on your own back.

We’ve just survived a situation where we had to find researchers in a den of frozen spiders, made seemingly of hardened ice, we ended up actually running into the cocoons of two tuskarr. Mapo and Papo, we helped them out of there, spoiling the feast the arachnids had planned. I can’t help but feel lucky. Said researchers were actually safe, and had been so caught up in their studies that they’d forgotten to report back to their camp.

I’m writing to you from the safety of this big open tree, where the Dragonscale expedition has set up a outpost. We’ll be heading up to Camp Antonidas soon, so I can get an idea of what has been going on in the world of the dragon isles for the last few months, before eventually setting out for Iskaara later this week.

I need to take a deep breathe book. See you later.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

Thank you to everyone for leaving messages and interest in the guild. We’re always up and available for rp, regardless of guild or not.

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Travel Book Entry: 12th April

Dear book,

We’re in Iscara (spellin?) now with our ship. It’s still broken but we got help from a lass called Shellfire-somethin ta toe it back to port here. Now it’s lyin just outside o town waitin for re-pares.

We had a weerd week. A few days back a tusker came an said one o their folks is missin an we went to help find him but he was dead. We did find his ottock who was hurt an healed her a bit. Then we found his body in a noll camp an at first we thought they might have killd him. But Mud really wanted ta talk so he tried. I dunno what they all said eksactly on a count o I dinna speak noll but I think they found the tusker all-ready dead. Seems like it was a rot-sick beastie what got him an then the nolls found the body an took it back to eat.

We had ta eksplain few-nerels to them because they dinnae understand why the tusker want the re-manes back if they’re nae gonna eat it. But they agreed ta trade it for other food so they had somethin left ta eat. So we gave em fish instead an they liked it an gave us the body back.

The tusker say there’s this big tribe o nolls called the brack-an-hide nearby but these were nae brack-an-hide I think. They were on tha run from the big noll place anyway. Maybe they dinnae like gettin all sick and rotten. I hope they’ll be all right.


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Travel Book Entry: 16th April

Dear book,

I have my home back. It might not be fully in the water yet, but we are repairing the hull damage quickly. I need to buy a new wall to place in for the cafeteria, and I need to fix a broken window. I can sleep in my own bed again though, which is nice.

Yesterday we went out to partake in a dragon race. I walked a bit too far, but they corrected to where we were, so that was nice of them. Gary Tibbleton, who I later found out was actually a azure whelp, brought in a collective of dragon riding drakes for us to meet. Mountainclaw, who was a black wylderdrake, with a spear like tail, big curved horns, and a big white mane, Hookin who was a red velocidrake, with brown fur as a mane, which lead down his body into a fluffy tail, looking a bit like a pterrodax, except his snout was like a wolfs.

Finally I met Kodakron, who was a blue proto-drake. It’s the first time I’ve communicated with a protoi-drake before and I have a lot of things to think about when it comes to proto dragon sapience. They may not be as much of a beast as we thought they were. Me and him got along well, while Mountainclaw paired with Victor, and Hookin with Aurelle.

We also met Reinys, who had come along with the racers, it was very nice to see her, it had been since winterspring some four years ago that I saw her, and since january that I had heard from her. She seemed different then she was back then, a lot less cold, and a lot more careful. I’m not sure if I’ve been a good influence on her, maybe I’m overthinking.

It’s a beautiful day, and I’m going to collect seashells by the shore with Aurelle, so I will write to you later book. Bye!

-Cristana Silverthorn.

We are enjoying ourselves in the Azure Span, whatever could go wrong.

Woops, had the wrong character as my face!

Had a blast with these people over the last few weeks as me and another Vulpera have been keeping them company! They have a cool system and a good community, both in game and out of game.

If you’re interested in a neutral guild that likes to explore, they’re currently still in the Azure Span!


Travel Book Entry: 4th May

Dear Book,

Matriach Quietpaw has been preparing to move her tribe to a new location, and we offered to put up camp and help protect them while they were getting over some sickness.
A light broke the sky the last night, and then a quake shook the camp which we had established just outside of our friendly gnoll companions.

After the quake, the sound finally hit and it sounded like a mighty crack. Distant, very distant, which only means it was great. I woke up and headed down the road towards the closest mountain. When I found the expedition camp of the Dragonscale, I noticed that their endless mining had seemingly broken through a tunnel wall, and the tunnel lead far down under the ground.

I returned to camp and made some food, when I got into conversation with Fira, one of the vulpera travelers who have been coming along with us. We spoke about what happend in the night before Eijo showed up, and the two of them started to speak about a crystal that had gotten into their possession. They were concerned that we were in danger, but I think the entity they had accidentally communicated with would be more interested in using them then hurting them, atleast for now. They told me Kyrzen took the crystal away to Valdrakken, so I look forward to see him come back soon.

I’ve been eager to get out of here, to be completely honest. I wish to see other parts of this land and we soon will, I feel it. In a few days the gnolls will have healed, and we will be long away, trying to find them a new home. I’ve been getting news about our ship, the wanderlust, and it is back to operating ability, which means we might soon be able to have a look around a bit faster.

That’s all for now book, see you soon.

-Cristana Silverthorn.

Alas we won’t touch the new zone for a while but I wanted to write about the patch launch!