[N-RP] The Wayfinders

Hard cold stone, connected by beams that held the roof up, standing wide at least a few meters. The building was lit by candlelight. The flickering flames stood on little wooden perches, secured by steel craftsmanship. Hanging next to them were big weapon shields and ornate, glittering swords, easy on the eyes. In the middle of the room was a long table, the length running from a few meters into the room, all the way to the back where three big chairs stood on the width. There were eight chairs on either side, and the entire surface of the table was filled with maps, reports, contracts, and agreements, be it trade or policy.

There was a rabble in the room. People on either side were talking over one another, arguing different sides of a heated debate. Good points were being made on both sides, but the noise was getting to the head of the table: an older veteran, wearing the armour suited for his role as marshal.

“Why would we involve ourselves with this individual? She’s a military defector! “

“She’s a broken shore survivor, you should be calling her a damn he- “

“Silence!” The yell of the marshal interrupted the squabble between a greying financial advisor and a sergeant major. Their faces both turned to look at the outburst of sound, and the rest of the room shut up and sat back in their seats as if awaiting punishment.

“When is she supposed to be arriving?” The marshal said calmly. Further down the table, with the screech of a wooden chair moving across the marbled floor, an assistant stood in a fine black and white robe, little black buttons with gold centres moving down the front until a corset with red knots donning the back folded around her midriff.

She cleared her throat. A timid voice began as she wearily looked up towards him:

”Miss Silverthorn is expected to arrive at eight thirty - which is in five minutes, sir!”

The marshal raised his hand and waved her down, smiling and nodding in acknowledgement:

”Thank you, miss Blackforest. That will do”.

His eyes strained down on the big oaken doors that lead into the room. The entire room was taken by still silence, only the gentle burning flames and the breath of the wind making its way through, until finally distant steps began to echo in the corridors of the keep.

First two, then four, six plated greaves clang noisily against the stone floor as they
make their way up the stairs and through the halls, until stopping right upon the other side of the door.

Mumbled words run through a moment before the gentle tug and twist of the doorknob.

Light breaks into the room by door, the torches hanging from the hallway lighting the visage of a tall night elven shadow as well as two guards who had led her to the meeting.

A big great cloak wraps around slightly worn gold and dark armour, chain mail sitting between plates of steel. Her hair is blue and kept braided up to one side, the other bare and pale-skinned. Two red tattooed fangs run across her face, and a scar through a blinded right eye. A quick scan of the room later, she raises her hand to speak before turning around:

”You know I think I got the wrong room-“

She is interrupted by a slam of the door, and she is now trapped within the white walls of this Stormwind Keep conference.

A quiet curse in Darnassian follows before she slowly turns around to look at the table. Only seconds pass before the newcomer strides through the room like she owns it, grabbing the chair by the end and slipping herself down to sit diagonally across the pillow that makes the wooden rest bearable. She swings her leg up over the other and rests her head against her hand as she studies the assembly with her good eye.

“I believe a welcome is in order. Miss Silverthorn. Your return from the north was pleasant, I hope?”

The marshal speaks and is responded to with a slightly wavy hand gesture and a shrug.

“Even so,” he continues, “Your exploits have reached our ears. A borrowed ship, a motley crew of odd individuals, and a bounty on undead heads. You arrived in the Howling Fjord, was it?” The marshal reaches forward for a map of the trajectory of the trip and lays it out in front of him.

“All the way up to Grizzly Hills, where you cleared the forest of the first ones. Then you stepped up into Zul’Drak and found out that the undead rampage was beyond the scope of your operations.” The marshal rolls up the parchment and puts it to the side. He clears his throat a bit more before continuing:

”You led your companions into many battles as the sky broke and the damned wrought our doom - without casualty. I have given it enough thought, and I’m willing to delegate a unit to you. Young brave men and women, fresh resources, high standard weaponry. Rank, authority, serving under the Stormwind lion.”

The turquoise eye of Silverthorn looms on the marshal for a time as she sits herself up
straight and leans over the table on her elbows.

“Serving you. My orders, from you. My ability, from you. I can lead a battle, but the battle I’m sent to is the one you sent me for. That makes me a pawn. No.”

The last word rings through the hall with a blunt, decisive tone that causes several spectators to rise up in outrage and throw swears at the woman who now stands to her full height.

“You best tread carefully, Silverthorn. You are objecting to service to the alliance military. You are burning bridges with the kingdom of Stormwind, the lives of your own kin and more.”

“You know damn well I serve Azeroth,” Cristana Silverthorn states with a sharpened tongue before hovering over the table, looking directly to the marshal. “I am not denying help to the weak. I am not declining to act for the betterment of my people, your people. I’m cutting out the middleman. Your bureaucracy slows down actions that could have been dealt with by free minds. I will not be put in a position of power that continues if I follow someone else, nor have I any need for such an easily corruptible position. If that serves as my withdrawal from your alliance, then I would rather serve this world instead.”

With the movement of a leg, the chair behind her is swept to the side and the tall pale kaldorei marches for the door. Rumbling roars from people around the table raise profanities toward the objector until a singular raised hand from the marshal ends the noise, and the swing of a rusty door hinge alerts them a moment before the sudden slam as she leaves the room.

Cristana exits the keep, pulling out pen and parchment as she writes the lines that come to her mind.

“The Wayfinders are looking for able-bodied individuals keen on seeing the world and people that inhabit it, to lay out evil as we cross it. Be it on the mainland or sea, island or desert, our feet will break the way for a better, healthier, richer, and more peaceful life together. With a travel sack over your shoulder, to a walking staff at the door, we will keep watch and we will find a path.”

Hello everyone. This is the opening story to the Wayfinders. Here you will find all of our information, details and contact info. Thank you to anyone reading and I hope you like my concept. This is a labour of love, and I hope to be a proponent of entertaining and exciting roleplay in the neutral AD RP community. This will also serve in the future as the guilds Travel book stories so you can keep up with our current events and location.


Well first of all welcome to my little travel sized adventure rp guild.

I’m making this because I want a place where I can express my creativity and invite others to come along. The basic premise is a traveling hub group where you tag along with me on adventures throughout Azeroth. Social, adventure, horror, mysteries and a bit of action, and most importantly fun, this is a loose concept and group, the only persistant part being Cristana Silverthorn. This leads me to explain the ‘rules’.


  • 1: You don’t have to use the same characters. This is a place for all rp, where you can bring along any character you would like, at any place you’d like. You can decide to have a main, but you will not be punished for adding other characters. By signing up, you are deciding to be part of the motley crew, mostly on a OOC frame of mind.

  • 2: The events themselves will be a few times a week, depending on when people decide on a poll. If you have an idea for a event that you’d like to play out, but you haven’t had the chance to dm, or you want a place to practice dming, you are welcome to write me. This is a very free space. I will make events every week unless I’m incapable, but I will not spoon feed and I expect a communal effort to make this a space for rp and creativity to develop.

  • 3: This is for fun, don’t ever let it be anything else, please don’t give me a reason to moderate.

  • 4: Please be respectful of the roleplayers around you. No OOC in say, yell or emote; keep it to private chats like party, raid or guild. I expect people to hold to blizzards rules for what is acceptable in public channels.

  • 5: We will be operating almost solely out of a discord server. This is where I will poll for days, announce events and communicate, aswell as all of our OOC details you need to be aware of. You will be invited upon joining.

  • 6: Life comes first in all circumstances. If you’re sick, in bad mental health, busy or otherwise incapable of coming to an event you will not be punished for it. Life is turbolent and people will be respectful of that.

Before I go into the next section, I will note that the majority of events in this guild will be played out with the TN rolling system. This is the easiest to comprehend and teach, and the traits coming up are made to spice up the typical monotany.

Rolling System

The very basic systems of rolling will be used for easy access and learning. During events your characters will be able to use their skills and abilities fit to their character and you are incentivized to poke and prod to the world around you for detail. Some things may require you to make a roll, and in that situation the dm will take your roll, add any modifiers currently active, and give you a response.

For combat, it will be the same thing every time. We will give you a TN(Total Number) to get on par with or surpass for you to clear the roll. As an example, roll 35+ to hit the target, roll 30+ to defend yourself from the targets attack. You will dictate your own damage.

Roll Protection

Once every event, you may reroll an result after a round, adding your new roll to your last. This reroll may not be used for critting, nor in finisher rounds (Highest roll gets the kill). This is to hopefully make sure that someone doesn’t end up failing at something they’re good at, keeping their fantasy intact.


As promised, there will be a simple trait system implemented to help you distinguish yourself from the group. Upon entering the guild, you can pick from a list of traits a major and a minor trait. These traits are ones that will give you proficiencies for your rolls, so you give the team an edge personalized by your choices.


Major traits is the one your character is most proficient with. It will give you the biggest boon towards a activity you might do within roleplay like climbing, balance, lifting, athletics, or scrying. Whether it is a major or minor you get an proficiency in combat with certain kinds of weapons, that adds +x to your rolls, separate from roll protection. This bonus is added first.


Minor traits are the same list of traits as the major one, but it will give a smaller bonus to your roll.

Your minor cannot be the same as your major trait, so that it widens the range of abilities your character might be capable of during an event. If it’s a puzzle that needs to be figured out, to keeping stamina up a tough hill, to strike hard on a obstruction in your path to get out of the way.

The dm will indicate after a raid warning if a trait is useable here, and can always be contacted to answer a question of when it can be utilized.


When you’ve contacted me or Daera, we will try and arrange a ooc meeting with you and if we all think you’re a good fit, we can then discuss what characters you want to join with, which will lead into a loose interview where you will get the chance to socialize with the other members.


If you wish to contact me about joining the guild, you are more then welcome to leave a reply on this thread or send a in-game mail to these characters listed below:

Crístana(Warrior) Cristäna(Hunter) (Alliance)

Miraldia (Alliance)

Slyvaria (Alliance)

Mortharin (Alliance)

Daeras (Alliance)

Silvianar (Horde)

Noviah (Horde)


Wayfinder Logo by Ulvarart

Wayfinder Founding by Svelien

[Posting for Cristana]


You have my utmost support friends. :purple_heart:

Also looking forward to RPing with you on my Nelf!


Sounds like a wonderful concept! From one group of adventurers to another, wishing you the best of luck with the guild! Who knows? Maybe we’ll run into each other on the road at some point? :slight_smile:


This character art is so beautiful!

And judging by the description, Cristana sounds like someone mine would very much want to meet, though I’m afraid my other commitments prevent me from joining a guild!


Thank you so much for the nice words! I would be more then happy to see more adventure guilds come together.

This character art is so beautiful!

And judging by the description, Cristana sounds like someone mine would very much want to meet, though I’m afraid my other commitments prevent me from joining a guild!

Thank you Lintian for the very nice words, I’m sure we would be able to figure something out? Svelien is a incredibly good artist and this is not even the completed version, I just had a deadline to meet.


I really love this idea and would be interested since I’ve been looking for a guild like this and I love neutral concepts , sounds like something bel would def be into so I’ll hit you guys up and we will see! ( Also not part of the cathedral guild anymore only a affiliate hasn’t updated lol)


Travel book Entry: 2nd January.

Dear book.

We’ve settled ourselves down into Booty Bay for a few weeks before contracts started to roll in. I have made an agreement with a shipwright to begin the construction of our marine vessel. I convinced him into a settlement where we pay him in three parts, which gives me time to find the funding needed. Kaldis and Mud has been keeping me company, and there are still many things I wish to know about Freespirit and Mori’naica. I am giving them time to settle into the way of life they are headed for, and I sometimes convince Freespirit into the harbour in order to help with her confidence issues.

Daera has been a great help. While mostly busy, she has brought a lot of the news from the world around us to me. It lets me make a priority list for our future operations, her loyalty and friendship has lifted many burdens across the last three years, I just wish she’d stop firing off fireballs at sea gulls, it is beginning to unnerve the goblins. I don’t care much for them, but they are allowing me to stay and work uninterrupted, by a fee, it is still appreciated.

As of right now I don’t have much more to tell you book, but things are unraveling soon and our week already looks busy, it will be nice to finally begin.

Goodnight book, Cristana Silverthorn.

Wayfinders prepare their budding operations, leading into the first events by the end of the week.
Current Location: Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn.


Oh I wish you all the luck with this, I have recently joined a fabulous RP guild based around adventures and scholars which I was so pleased about.

As someone desperate to immerse myself in the RP element of my character and the world, I struggle with military concepts as I lack experience or insight there. But scholars, adventures even base services like postal services, entertainers, traders I could just drop-in RP with suit me much better.

I hope to see you about bot IC and OOC, your artwork and concept is lovely!!
Good luck, may all your adventures be thrilling and joyful!!


Thank you very much for the kind words. I wholely relate to you and for a very long time I needed something that broke some of those military rp barriers. I still think that kind of rp can be very fulfilling, but this is much more my passion for rp.


The adventure has begun. Pirates were deceived. Sabers were stabbed. Curses were yelled. A good night’s work!


Travel book Entry: 5th January.

Dear book.

I have been looking through contracts the last few days and I was able to find a few good ones to start out with. Today I gathered people around for a missing persons report. A blackwater agent had been sent to go undercover in the Bloodsail Buccaneers. After a quick briefing of ethics, we made our way out tonight with hired hand Charlie, Daera Embertongue, Ysalie Freespirit, and Nor’u.

Upon the wild shore where the agent was last seen, Daera and Nor’u both noticed a arcane anomality. It was clear that a Bloodsail mage was at play, and we proceeded cautionly. Along the way, Ilyensil, a highborne that showed interest one of our first nights, came to us. They came just before the sky flickered with arcane, and we were surrounded.

I commend my travelers on their actions that followed along the night. Charlie, our newest addition and associate, made up a elaborate scheme to persuace the buccaneers not just to lower their weapons, but lead us to the camp we were heading for. Everyone played along seemlessly, and we made it all the way to their main camp in time to catch the attention of their leader.

He was a rough looking man, I believe I spotted some greying hairs and stubble. He seemed stressed and there was good reason for it. His men had been poisoned, a observation made by Freespirit, and he had been stolen from. Ilyensil found two rowboat tracks that led out to water, headed directly for an island. The buccaneer leader was swearing up and down that the thief had not only escaped, but his men he sent after them hadn’t returned.

We were able to scam the Bloodsail into believing we were hired hands, and went to catch the thief, paid half for our ‘work’ upfront, we had all figured the thief to be our man.

When we arrived upon the island, it was clear to me that it was a bit too quiet. We followed the tracks from two rowboats at the shore and they led us through a jungle. It was not long before we found more then we bargained for, as the tracks of humans chasing each other was combined with the largest panther print in recent memory. It was not before the wound a large pool of blood, and heard whimpering from a nearby bush.

It was the agent, Agent Carlson to be exact. He was not to be lightend up, clearly freaking out about a certain beast in the area. Not long after we might understand why he was so scared, as a bone fell into Ysalies hair, and then a cadaver feel between us. From above, a large panther, as big as a nightsaber we ride into battle with, stared us down. Yen, Ilyensil for short, that’s what I like to call her because she decided to have a difficult name, decided to send a fireblast at it, and it made the large feline pounce on us.

Before such actions could be questioned, our group set into action intending to defend ourselves and fight the beast. Though it tried, bless Ashamane, the beast couldn’t handle us. It started to back away wounded, and for a moment I wanted to think we could save it, but the majority decided it was best to put it out of its misery, so that’s what we did.

I feel a heavy heart, even now as I hold a fang from it in memory of this great animal, I hope it gets to rest in the stars with Mother Moon. I write this after we’ve just handed in Agent Carlson to Blackwater, and we’ve gained our money sum. Every day we get a little closer.

I will go find Ysalie soon, I worry for her, I know the wild calls to her and tonight was hard on her soul. We will suffer it together.

Goodnight book, Cristana Silversong.

240 gold have been added to the coffers of the Wayfinders, in progress to their ambitions of a ship.


We have been camped in the middle of Stranglethorn for a week now, the flies are awful but the company is good. Looking forward to see where our feet take us next!

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Travel book Entry: 15th January

Dear book,

Compassion. Thoughtfulness. I was not sure when I stepped out on this journey that those who came with me, kept these ideals as truths. I was scared that my intentions were good but I would end up doing work that would keep my people employed rather then on the road with me doing good.

They proved me wrong yesterday. All throughout the day, animals had been acting up. They were moving and congregating by the beach, and we heard troll hoots echoing, as it ricochets through the jungle. We mobilized out and we saw that horde forces had approached the animals, observing their behaviour, I recognize it was probably the majority of their forces in Grom’gol.

I saw Daera’s reaction to the horde forces, and I asked her to go to Fort Livingston for aid. Me, Kaldis Charlie and Mud moved forward to investigate, and we were quickly on the tails of what we believed was the hexxers that had put the animals in a trance.

The animals attacked, bashing themself against barriers of the horde, we sprinted towards the hexxers that we found in the hillsides. I may have jumped in recklessly, but I could not live with the potential loss of so many animals dying because of nefarious hands. I however soon found Kaldis with me in his ursine form, and a few seconds later, Charlie and Mud rose from the other side to flank the hexxers.

It was a difficult fight, and it could have gone terribly if Daera didn’t arrive in time. With her, alliance forces followed, lead by Captain Brickbane. He was a young tall human from Stormwind, looking a bit frazzled, his forces moved in and finished the hexxers.

A stampede rolled through the hills, as the animals broken out of the trance, picked flight to get away from the beach and the horde forces on the beach. We took a breathe and discussed what the purpose of this was before the scream rang out.

Large warband of trolls of different tribes descended down on Grom’gol Base Camp, and herded together a large group of civilians there to help the horde forces. They were pushing them north, and we feared the worst for them. Brickbane didn’t want to approach, but we felt no choice. My wayfinders pursued them into the northern hills and, we were greatly outnumbered.

We knew that the horde forces would eventually come, so I gave the order to stall the enemy forces. Fire, arrows and explosives were used to pause their forces but now they had their attention on us. We managed to scathe off their assault, but in the chaos of it all, I had not noticed that Mud had run away.

When Mudsnarl came back, he came back with both the horde and the alliance forces hot on his heels. Now outnumbering them, our combined forces were able to take out the warband, me and Gladethorn charged to collect the civilians, while Mud and Charlie faced the frontline, Daera rose to the opportunity and came in like a dwarfish fireball unto the Troll leader, with a red hot blade.

We were payed by the orc commander begrudgingly, while Captain Brickbane returned his forces back, promising to send scouts to the northern reaches to find out why so many different trolls had congregated again, we returned to our camp for rest and food. Next week we begin our travels to Ashenvale, as I wish to see the Lunar Festival pilgrimage.

I look forward to see my old home Book.
Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders end their second week with some battles under their belt and a unified resolve to help people of this world regardless of their origin. Now they head for Astranaar, and the Lunar Festival.

Tchhh NE’s BE / HE > NE’s

Travel book Entry: 20th January

Dear book,

An early morning previously this week, we came down from Northern Stranglethorn. We took a ship from Booty Bay and settled in for a long journey. On the way, we were able to save a man who was laying in the water on a row boat. He told us that their Captain had made deals with the trolls, and that they’d been caught planning their mutiny. I shouldn’t have a part in this fight, but I’ve seen their actions now. They endanger the innocent, and are led by madness and vengeance.

It took a while for us to get to Ratchet, but I’m happy we did. We met with a astromancer there, and we over the day made our way quickly to Ashenvale. On the way we met a druid Alea- Alea- Lea, we call her Lea. I must admit I was a bit protective of my friends to begin with, but over the night she grew on me. The first steps into Ashenvale were everything I had hoped for, I miss my homeland, even if my true home of Darkshore now lays in ruins.

We arrived in Astranaar, and I bought some provisions to take to camp outside of the town. There we met a nice pandaren, Zuurie Springleaf. She brewed us some green tea, and decided to come with us for the festivities of the Lunar Festival. I had a brief conversation with some of the hosts, and I truly look forward to this.

I just hope everyone has a good time book. Goodnight.

Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders have found their way to Astranaar, and they are now ready for the pilgrimage.

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these guys are actually cool, hung out with them a while

can recommend

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Travel Book Entry: 30th January.

Dear book,

It has been over ten days since I wrote in you. Me and the Wayfinders have been at the Lunar Festival for the last week or so, and we’ve enjoyed our time. I have met so many new people, that I would be remiss to try and mention them all, incase I forgot one of them. I send out my hearts to all of them, and I hope for their safe passage forward.

Most importantly of them were the organizers of our celebration this time around, Arlien and Tessaemay. They have been very welcoming to me and has extended their hand for future cooperation and support. I hope that one day I get to be their host, or to make them feel as wanted as they tried to be for me.

I also met Norsha Starscript, a druid who likes to travel the world and give out plushies and hold parties. She has a great wagon, and the faerie dragon Greg, who is the largest I’ve seen in quite a while. I hope they are well in their continued journeys.

Over the week we’ve managed to get some new members aswell. Zuurie Springleaf, Zelyxiia, Alealanna, and Varres of the onslaught. I hope that they all enjoy their time with us, or that our future journeys will give them inspiration to where they may end up in the future. I believe there will be more to come, but I’m writing in the morning, and I don’t feel like waiting.

Finally book, just a word between you and me. I feel like I’ve been given new purpose in life. It is no longer the strive to run away that compels me forward, it is the wish to see the world be a better place for the people I love. I’ve meet many beautiful souls over the week, and they have each helped me heal. I feel for the first time in a while, that the light of the moon is giving me strength.

I shall stop it here so I have more to write in the future. Goodnight.

Cristana Silverthorn.

The Wayfinders move on from Moonglade to continue their work, next goal sits in the cold wastes of Winterspring.


We had a great event tonight in Winterspring, we made friends with an owlkin! Y’all should join us!

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Travel Book Entry: 4th February

Dear book,

I’m writing to you from the halls of Starfall village. It has been a long day, but the power has returned to my arm so I’m beginning to write my experiences. Over the week we’ve been investigating some occurances in Winterspring. On the day of our arrival, an avalanche was caused in the southern dominance. We made our stop at Everlook and earned some money from a delivery, before i took some of the Wayfinders out for a look. We followed foot prints until they diverged, and there was a new set.

A tauren and a elf had made their way up to a summit, where we found that they’d left behind a power rune of frost, to enhance the strength of a spell. Asdarneth investigated it further and found that they were in league to someone, that the elf had drawn the rune, letting the tauren cast.

We were also made aware that there was a steel door barred vault in the mines that the avalanche had disrupted. Our priestess healed the miners at home, gathering their input of angry snow. It was clear to me at this point were dealing with elementalists.

We were then made aware of yeti in the north. For a time I didn’t think much of it, until I realized yeti is not common in these reaches, infact, they’re not native at all. We came to Starfall and they told us that the yeti had been spotted with large crystaline spikes in arms and back. We were also told they’d been moving towards a grove hidden in the northeast. We made our way there, and found on the way a yeti battling with a owlkin. It was winning, and it had larged crystal protruding from its skin.

We ambushed the creature, while Kyrzen healed the owlkin. We were able to break some of the crystals but this released a torrent of power. It shot me the in the shoulder, I still feel it, before fighting my friends vicisously. With help from the owlkin which became a friend later, we were able to nullify it.

We were able to make our way to the grove after putting the yeti in a bronze magic stasis. There we found a collection of hooded figures. We attacked the presumed cultists, and they started to fight back with elemental magic, lightning, stones. We were winning the fight, and they started to run as rise froze around us, killing them and trapping us, as their leaders came around with what they’d been looking for.

The elf leader seemed so full of herself, but I suppose she had every right. She was about to electrocute our lot, when our friend the owlkin returned with his friends, forcing a retreat from them. I get the feeling we will see these people again.

I feel quite tired book. Goodnight.

Cristana Silverthorn.

We’re now in Starfall village after our first event after the lunar festival break.