[N-RP] this fel(l) apart quickly

a note is being hanged on the notice board in Dalaran, written on a piece of light parchment paper In neat black letters, saying the following:

High Botanist Uda Dryden invites whoever sees this post to join an expedition to survey the twisting nether for plantlife, departing from the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran this night of the moon.

the second part of this message seems to be smeared in the rest of the black ink,and quite a few tears.


A man in relatively colorful, well-to-do clothing stops by the note and reads it.

“Oh, Uda… Poor thing, lost her husband…”

He frowns at the ink smears.

“Why is it all smudged…? Oh, well… Twisting Nether, huh? I guess I should take my “work” gear. Maybe leave the hood down, though. At least for the initial meet.”

He pins a smaller note to the bottom of Uda’s, which reads,

I will come, unless something unforeseen prevents me.

I will be as ready as I can be, for the Twisting Nether.

  • Morton West.

As he walks away, he mumbles to himself,

“I didn’t even know there were plants in the Twisting Nether… Hmm… I wonder what happens if I try to summon a demon there…?”

He trails off, and goes to visit a few merchants around the city, buying and selling various things, before he goes down into the Underbelly, into the part where the smell of sulfur is the strongest, and disappears through a demonic portal.


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