[N-RP/Cross-Server] Booty Bay Trade Company: Crime! Adventure! Monthly Tavern Nights!


The Booty Bay Trade Company is a fledgling crime enterprise masquerading as a legitimate trade business operating out of the Bay.

Through bi-monthly events and unscheduled spontaneous RP, BBTC covers all sorts of criminal themes, ranging from pickpocketing all the way to the top (or bottom, depending on your worldview).


RP depends on availability and happens mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Saturdays, but there are no truly static days for it. Social RP is hosted whenever we feel like doing something! We provide a variety of themes: combat RP, social RP, solo adventures, and more!

For our roleplay we use Simple Dice 2 addon and FATE-A system. Instructions on how to set the addon up are available on our Discord.


The BBTC has acquired a tavern in the Bay! Every last Saturday of the month at 8PM Realm Time we’re going to host happy hours in hopes of establishing Booty Bay as an RP hub open to roleplayers from this and other realms.


As a trading company, we also buy and sell many curious things! You are encouraged to seek us out IC if you wish to trade. All available wares are acquired during our events.


If you wish to join or learn more, either send an in-game letter to Trish-TheSha’tar or join our Discord!

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As the end of the month draws near, the last improvements are being done to our recently acquired tavern, The Drowned Rat. We’re almost ready for the grand opening!

After a successful mage tower heist we have acquired plenty of goods and some magic items that await appraisal. It’s good to be a thief! (And have a talented Magistrix that will dispel the arcane traps.)

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