Name unavailable but no one is using it (Not an npc name either)

Made a support ticket and got asked to submit the feedback on these forums instead, however i do not see any “feedback & suggestions” page anywhere.

Eitherway there is a name i want that i’ve used in every game but its unavailable in this game, it is not taken and it is not an npc name. For some reason its still unavailable and support cannot remove the restrictions from the name, only game devs can.

It could be taken by a character that is not shown on the armoury, like a character below level 10, or that hasn’t logged in for months.

Or it could be a name that contains a restricted word - and come of these restricted wotds are things I would never think of, like something from Swedish or something. Also some English words that I would never think of restcicting, but were probably use by someone sometime to raise outrage. :person_shrugging:

Generally creating a thread on the closest forum subject is the best option for feedback, or if none is closest there’s always General Discussion.

Alrdy had it confirmed that no one has the name, it is infact “banned” it is not an inappropiate name, i use it in every other game & platform without any issues.

It may not be an inappropriate name, but I’m guessing that some part of it is on the banned list, for some historic reason. I recall someoe complaining that they couldn’t get “black” into a name.

Bizzard have some strict rules on names. It’s not just names that may cause offence in other languages but they also restrict names that may be considered copyright infringements. Like using a character name from a popular movie (such as LotR).

You can put the same name but in reverse orders and it works, the words arnt bad words by any means, just makes it even more frustrating for me, cause its only blizzard that for some reason has made my name unavailable :frowning:

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