Nameplates suddenly tiny

So i just created a new character logged on, disabled some addons that i dont use but still got installed for some reason and also some of which were nameplate addons, well now my nameplates are suddenly tiny.
I tried reloading the game, restarting the game and my Computer, deleting the nameplate addons and nothing helped theyre still tiny and i cant find a solution in the ingame settings either.
Also its not avout larger nameplates i use the default ones on all of my characters but those are like half the size of the default ones.
Anyone who can help ?

You can reset all the UI settings with

/console cvar_default

This will however reset all of your settings, even ones not related to the nameplates.

If you want to avoid resetting your whole UI you can instead reset individual settings (called cVars) by using:

/run SetCVar("<cVar name>", GetCVarDefault("<cVar name>"))

It will be quite tedious however to find all the cVars that are related to the nameplates. You can find a list of all cVars here:


/run SetCVar("<NamePlateHorizontalScale", GetCVarDefault("NamePlateHorizontalScale"))

would reset the nameplates horizontal scaling to the default value.

An alternative would be to re-enable the nameplate addon that caused this and check if it provides an option to reset the nameplate settings to default.

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Or Install and reset them to default via the addon’s CVar browser.


Can confirm. This also happens with the NPC name option and the status text of the player.

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