Nature's Call Achievement

In Darkshore War-Scenario there is an achievement to turn into all 3 different forms in one of the buildings if you get the green buff.

Since forever - I have been trying every couple of months since BFA - you cant select the Dragon form - The button just dont get pressed thou you have the buff and can select the other 2 forms.

I have sent in bug reports ingame multiple times, and even contacted blizzard support with no change. I have played with 0 addons and could select the other 2 forms while I could not select the dragon - so i guess its just the button that is broken. Multiple people have told me they have the same problem and its also the last form they need for thee achievement.

Can I please beg you to fix it? Its likely a very fast fix since it seems it just is the button that is non-interactable.

Thank you in advance

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