Naxxramas Achievement Rewards to Remain Available Throughout Wrath Classic

As we approach Wrath Classic 3.4.1 and the release of Ulduar, we want to make sure all players know that the Glory of the Raider Black Proto-Drake, Plagued Proto-Drake, the Immortal title, and the Undying title will remain available to be earned throughout Wrath Classic.

Good luck earning these rewards in the months to come!


Thank you so much Blizz <3 atm on my pve server there are no1 doing the achievements apart from the guilds that already have done them, having better chance with better gear and it will become pugable.


Thanks for this. But would have been nice to know this sooner. This has caused a lot of stress for some guilds.

Also makes me think why you could not do the same for other stuff like the Black Qiraji Battle Tank. Would it had been so bad to give this to more Players?


That’s really cool. Thank you!

Your company is so useless it’s unreal.

Imagine letting people getting a mount that’s already so easy to obtain with ICC gear in a year.

Hire some competent people already.


If it’s so easy to obtain, why on earth does it matter that it’s still easy to obtain in a year?

At that point you’ll surely have the other ones.


is it an achievement if you dont die in Naxx with full Ulduar gear?


is it an achievment if you don’t die in naxx with full naxx gear?


I suppose this is a done-deal, but would it be possible to limit the ilvl of players in the raid to make the achievement attempt valid ála Herald of the Titans? That would keep it much more exciting in all regards imho. Regardless, good stuff!


Well now they are no longer special, everyone will eventually have all 4!

When wow community council is deciding everything in classic now and they dont even play classic. Its a bunch of retail players that never cleared swp before pre patch and are now making wrath into a LFR fiesta. They dont even raid mythic.


Thanks god, i was so tired to being nerfed by my mates everytime.

And for the other, stop cry, it was cancer for who are farming achievments, it should be personal.


Came here to laugh at people like this, and that is exactly what I’m going to do.
LMFAO stay mad.
These achievements never were hard, special, or prestigious. They were a stupid idea in the first place and should have been personal at the very least. Punish 24 people for 1 retard? Sure buddy.

If it was a personal achievement from day 1, then I’m all for removing it in P2 or adding an ilvl restriction, but as it stands, it’s a stupid idea and not taking these badly designed achievements away is the more sensical option.

I’m as elitist as it gets, these achievements however are nothing to brag about.

For the normal people, these achievements aren’t harder to do in full 210 vs full 230, and for the special needs people, they will still stand in a voidzone regardless of gear, or hit their taunt button being a dps.


Ok. Did so.
I saw a world people riding mounts no one cares about.

Perhaps it matters in retail to show how much of an OG u are. But imagine to care in classic about it.
Did so. And I loled.

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They should remove those titles and mounts from anyone who didnt get it in 2009, seethe harder losers better luck in your next life


Agree on the personal thingy

Its nice kicking ppl from guild when they cant avoid dying in naxxramas, legitimate excuse.

Based, make them mean even less and my retail ones look even better

You should have told us this at the start of Phase 1, not weeks before the end. It stinks of a lot of the current issues with retail blizzard - no respect for our time and it almost feels like you’re actively misleading us to get us to spend more time in game.

It’s a good change. You should have communicated it at the start.