Near impossible to lvl up engineering

So i wanna lvl up engineering and it seems they wanted it to be done through crafting orders but its kinda hard when there simply arent any crafting orders.

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I struggled with it myself until someone pointed out that there are two specific items for this purpose. Sadly, both come from the Explosive tree I ignored until then, and had to wait until I hit enough knowledge points to hit the max in proper sub-tree.

Both items are called “Crate of…”, and include bombs (either for Engineers or for anyone, depending on the tree); both are daily crafts; both will give you a guaranteed skill level up when crafted. If you can get there, worst case scenario is you’ll need about a month to max your skill.

Honestly, every profession should have a recipes like Alchemy: Experimentation – and especially Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Enchanting – in the main basic tree, just so we can eventually max up our skills without rellying on systems such as orders. Otherwise it gets incredibly frustrating on completionists, not to mention impossible to catch up without prohibitively high costs.

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