Nearly a year on and new theory time

Continuing the discussion from Magni Bronzebeards Servitude (Theory): Now Its been almost a year and for sure I have been disproven however if the next expansion is theorised (not concrete in my opinion yet) to be involving perhaps Dwarves that we will finally find out where Magni has gone, Still I do believe he was still bamboozled by some force either the incarnates or some other elemental force and that this next expansion (which again not concrete as this is prior to Blizzcon) is going to be the expansion he plays a role and that by the small patches after Emerald Dream or even the patch will have him return and inform us of the future place in which we go. If not at Blizzcon I believe on the expansions unveiling someone (Hopefully Chris Metzen) will say “The Return of that mad Magni”

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all we got so far on the next expansion is fake leaks maybe next expansion we’ll be going to the moon to fight moonmen who knows :wink: we have not only one expansion, not even two but Three! However with Chris Metzen literally saying of Magni I am now in firm hope for whatever Happens in The Last Titan or the expansions prior in this Worldsoul Saga will prove a theory that perhaps whoever Magni was in communication with is either Azeroth or something far worse and that with the announcement of Earthen I was some what correct in my theory of perhaps Magni might be involved with these Earthen. However what I did not expect was for it to be lots of people to start hearing voices that go beyond whispers but clear expressions from Azeroth/Whatever it is.

On that note I want to thank Chris Metzen for mentioning him and for coming back, it is great to have you back Champ.

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