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I think I am having a mid life crises so I decided to post my return to WOW on YouTube, it’s been a long while since I played and I am starting fresh as a Warlock (never played the class), seems very therapeutic. I don’t want to post any links to my channel as I might be breaking guidelines I think, (although you can search my name wink :slight_smile: ), honestly though, genuinely looking for feedback.

I was just looking to see if anyone here as a viewer, or content creator themselves starting out has any advise on what they/other people would like to see, things to avoid etc? There’s a million YouTube videos out there, and I have seen some, but would be nice to get direct feedback from the wow community. Thanks again, apologies if this is not the correct place to post this or something I shouldn’t of posted.

Lemon Suci

Edit: No replies? Is the title not engaging enough? hmm, first lesson I guess :frowning:

I am not someone who watches content on youtube or streams so I’m probably only going to be able to give run of the mill advise.

See what other successful Youtubers do, cover the basics, like engaging thumbnail, promote your work on social media, work out what you are going to say in advance, have a rough idea of a script or write a complete script. Have good footage to accompany your subject matter.

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Thank you so much for your reply, yea agreed, this is what I started doing, although editing with sounds and clips and creating some good thumbnails seems to be the work of the devil, either that or I am extremely unskilled in this aspect, which is more likely… The most I can do at the moment is use windows ClipChamp to cut out long periods of what I think is boring stuff, like that’s it. I was hoping my soothing voice would be enough :slight_smile: I guess its trial and error before I get the hang of it, appreciate you helping either way!

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I’m no expert either. But I took a look at your most recent. All I can offer is random thoughts, tho.

You have one of the most important basics right - clear audio for your voice. Everyone agrees that muddy audio is off putting, but you’re coming through clearly. :+1:

You seem to be aiming at the 10-20 minute timespan. That’s very approachable and popular, and my personal favourite for YT, but it doesn’t sit comfortably with your approach, which seems to fall into the “Let’s Play” genre.

“Let’s Play” follows a character through its story, and lends itself better to the solid-hour format. Soupasoka is (was) my favourite “Let’s Play” follow, but many YouTubers do it.

In the 10-20 minute weight bracket, we more typically see advice videos. Hazelnutty is a master in this genre. Her videos feel as light as whipped chocolate as you watch them, but have the approximate density of Plutonium. There are other excellent advice and news channels in the 10-20 minute space, each tending to specialise in a specific aspect of the game.

I found the aspect ratio of the video a little off for YouTube, with the black bars. Usually, people make it fit … however the software does that. Not a dealbreaker.

I did like the video. Your narration is a little halting, but practice will improve that. I wanted to yell advice and information at you. :laughing:

I would have preferred one video of one complete dungeon. Or, looked at another way, you could have gotten two videos for the price of one out of it. :smiley:

If you really want to do more, I’d suggest watching videos from established YouTubers on how to start a YouTube channel.

I’d also suggest watching a few videos from each of these established WoW YouTubers while you keep adding more of your own work:
Taliesin & Evitel
Studen Albatroz
Dalaran Gaming
Marcelian Online
Signs of Kelani
to see what successful channels typically do, and get ideas.

If you want to understand the Dark Arts of thumbnails, Mr Beast has spoken about it many times. Worth watching. Also the story of a Veritasium video that took off into the stratosphere after a suggestion from Mr Beast Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective And in the Warcraft space, Bellular has explained why he keeps using clickbait thumbnails and titles, and people keep watching more even though they complain about how blatant they are.

You don’t seem to have a presence on Twitch or Twitter. If you want to insinuate yourself into WoW conversations, and plug your content with short clips, Twitter is a great place to be.


Oh my gosh thank you so much for your detailed and well thought out response, it really does give me a better understanding of what it takes to do this. Starting from your last point regarding twitter and twitch, it’s really about time, being in full time work, having a daughter etc really leaves only some hours on the weekend to do anything, however your idea on short clips is a good one and could probably use that from my videos to add value I suppose, will keep that in mind thank you.

I understand your point about the lets play genre and how my videos are structred, I guess my thought process behind this was I didnt think anyone would be interested in watching a hour long playthrough of me talking, and since I don’t know how to edit with vfx and funny memes just yet, I figured this timeframe would be more suitable, as you could see from my thumbnails and editing its not great at all. I also thought it might be considered low effort and no one these days has the attention span to watch some random dude for that long, perhaps with other established creators that could be different.

Glad to know the voice is coming through nicely though, that is a start and happy to hear it!

Thanks again, you took the time to write this up and have a look at the channel, I really do appreciate it and will take your notes onboard for the future :slight_smile:

Lemon Suci

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I understand that, and I don’t say you’re wrong. As a beginner, 15 minutes is probably plenty for you anyhow, but into that 15 minutes you’re cramming 3 “stories” from your character’s life, but then chopping outr half the bits from the three stories.

I don’t know what the best answer answer is for you, but maybe framing the story sections better and cutting out less of each would be a start. Just a suggestion; I don’t YouTube :smiley:

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That’s a good idea, I’m assuming you mean something along the lines of for example 3 videos:

  1. Battle for Azeroth | Levelling in Drustvar
  2. Battle for Azeroth | Freehold Dungeon Run
  3. Battle for Azeroth | Levelling in Trigarde Sound

Rather than one video with a mixture of the 3? Each of those around 20 min long, even when edited will make more sense than chopped up combination of the 3. I like that :slight_smile:

I’m taken a screenshot of your name, and one day, (when I have more than 1 subscriber), I will name check and remember you, even if you don’t watch YouTube. Thanks for being a star and if you have any other advise, feel free to keep it coming, for someone that doesn’t watch Youtube, you got some good advise!

Lemon Suci

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Oh, let your imagination loose a bit with those titles. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Flynn and the Mermaids
  • Thieving the Pirate Hoard
  • The Sea Air of Boralus
  • Tentacle of the Old Gods

I do watch YT, quite a lot in the past year, but never made an account, or I’d give you a like. :smiley:

It occurs to me that an AI image generator might help with creating thumbnails, but I’m no expert. I see advice on creating “Faceless YouTube Channels” everywhere on YT, with AI writing scripts, selecting stock images an thumbnails. While you are clearly not into that, you might find some parts of the advice and resources useful.

And yes, do give me a shout-out when you are a rich and famous YouTuber, so I can set up a side-gig as a “YouTube Consultant” :rofl:

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Oh snap, still taking me to school, I love it, quality over quantity (at least until I know what I am doing!)… Ok any more advise from you and I might ask you to marry me…they should make you a green poster or something, god damn. I got it, next video I do on the weekend will hopefully have most of the advise I learned from you today, really helpful I can’t thank you enough, gives me a sense of purpose and direction, will check into AI and any tools that can help do the job, nice moves.

Lemon Suci

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