Need boosts info

i would like to use a boost for the new raid.
Can anyone give me some info about them?: where do i find them, how do i contact the booster, how do i use it etc…
thanks in adavnce

First, you need to be aware that boosts are an unsupported transaction.

Blizzard are fine with you paying gold to boosters for a boost. That’s within the rules. (Not real money tho - that will get you banned.)

But if anything goes wrong with the deal - if they don’t deliver, or don’t complete the run, or anything like that, Blizzard will not get your gold back.

OK, so the only place Boosters can advertise in-game is in the Services channel. Since you are on Silvermoon, you must be used to chat scrolling by so fast you can’t read it with all the boost spam. Unless you have turned that channel off. Boosters also advertise and make deals on Discord.

Next, you need to be very clear on WHAT YOU WANT from the boost.

You say “boost for the new raid”. What do you mean by that?

Do you just mean you want to have killed all of the bosses? If so, on which difficulty - Normal or Heroic? (I assume not Mythic - that’s not available for boost yet.)

Or do you just want the Ahead of the Curve achievement for killing the last boss? You will find runs for that going every half hour ot so; just pay da man and hop in.

Or do you want to get gear from the raid? That gets trickier, since gear is not guaranteed to drop from any specific boss. You may pay extra for it by running with Unsaved (haven’t done it this week) boosters to increase the chance that the piece will drop. If you want gear, be sure to agree in advance with the boosters what you expect when you set the price. I see prices for full Heroic range from 400K to 5,000K depending on what loot arrangement you make.

You can contact boosters in-game from your services channel. However, the actual people making the message may not be the boosters themselves, but just advertisers who get a commission for bringing customers in.

Or get a better selection and be able to compare prices and records at the WoWMarket Discord AFAIK WoWMarket is a “safe” place to get your boosts - boosters don’t want to get a name for having customers complain. They like repeat customers. :slight_smile:

M+ boosts can go any time. Curve boosts will go on a constant rotation. But full raid boosts will usually have a time set in advance - could be same day, but maybe not.

When you make the deal clear with the booster,

  • you will wait to be invited into a raid party,
  • you will be summoned to the raid by a Warlock summons,
  • you will pay your gold,
    and will then quite likely be told to make sure you hit each boss at least once. Dying after that is mostly optional. :smiley:

The boosting guild will usually invite you to a raid group where a member from that raid group will ask to trade the gold for the boost. They often do this in Orgrimmar or Stormwind before summoning you. Be sure the person you are trading is IN that raid group. There are scammers who will randomly just open a trade window with people and scam them out of gold.

This practice may have changed with the advent of cross realm trading. It may just be that you pay in raid now. I’m just wary that there used to be scammers ;).


This is a good point. If you are trading gold before the raid, make SURE you are trading it to the right person! Scammers and impersonators happen.

WoWMarket has a big set of warnings in its Rules-and-Info channel including

there are lowlife lurkers that are going to be camping on majority of full pop servers and try to snipe the trade by opening a trade window with you, aswell as the person you planned to trade with to block them out. ALWAYS double check the name of the person you’re trading and confirm in discord chat.


thank you very much guys really appreciated :slight_smile:

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