Need help coming up with a first name for my character!

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I need advice! My main character is called Liddy. She is a High Elf(void elf) and Liddy sounds like a nickname so I’d like to come up with a full first name for her. I’ve thought of some but they are kinda eeeh.

I’ve come up with a few; Lidellian, Lidathriel, Lidariel, Lidellin, Lidarinne, Lidathrien…and so on. They don’t sound too bad I guess but nothing really hits the spot for me. Any advice?

Thank you!

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All the names you listed seem valid if you’re going for a high elven name. If none of them stick out to you, I see two options:

  1. Roll a six-sided die
  2. Use the online fantasy name generator and keep flipping through until a name grabs your eye

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