Need help with running Script on start

I currently have 3 macros that I have to run everytime I login or do /reload

Is it possible to make it so that these macros/scripts autorun on login or do I have to make some sort of addon? Also shadowform pops up everytime i swap actionbar page

/run StanceBarFrame:Hide()
(Hides shadowform icon next to my action bars)

**UI 1 **
/run m=“MainMenuBarArtFrame”;_G[m…“Background”]:Hide();_G[m].PageNumber:Hide();_G[m].LeftEndCap:Hide();_G[m].RightEndCap:Hide();ActionButton1:ClearAllPoints() ActionButton1:SetPoint(‘BOTTOM’,_G[m…“Background”],-280,35) ActionBarDownButton:Hide();

/run m=“MultiBarBottomRight” _G[m…“Button7”]:SetPoint(“BOTTOMLEFT”,_G[m…“Button1”],“TOPLEFT”,0,4) UIPARENT_MANAGED_FRAME_POSITIONS[m].xOffset=6; ActionBarUpButton:Hide();MainMenuBar.GetYOffset=function() return -30 end UIParent_ManageFramePositions()

You can sorta do it with WeakAuras, but that’s a bit messy. I’d recommend just doing it an addon instead.

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Remove the /run commands and slap it into

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