Need help with Starter Edition Subscription not updating

Sorry to trouble you all but I paid for a Wow subscription on a Starter Edition account on the 28th and it’s showing up as completed in my account. It still is not allowing me to access normal activities in the game - there is a message showing up in my Messages in game and I can’t open it.

Would it be possible for someone to help me with this please because it should be active by now.

I have changed my password and relaunched the game, I still can’t open that message!

Thanks for any help I receive.

Have you only got one Wow licence and did you add the payment to the right one?
If you’re certain it was all done right, you’ll need to make a ticket as payment issues can’t be dealt with in the forum because of privacy.

Is it 24 or 72 hours you may have to wait for upgrades to be come fully active? It can depend on the payment method used.

Thank you both. I know I used the right account because I logged into it for payment and paid from there.

The account is active now but there is a mail in my inbox which I can’t open so I think I will have to post a ticket.

Hey Zirtan! We can’t go into account specifics via the forums but it usually takes around 24 hours before the account would be upgraded and the restrictions removed but feel free to make a ticket and the purchase can be checked from there :slight_smile:

Replying from my old account - it’s all sorted out! I had completely forgotten about mailboxes. Grin. And the Game Masters also helped me get my old account back as well. Thank you all!