Need more friends

So i have just returned to the game after a long break. That means I usually play alone. Ive also just moved and find it really hard to get to know people since I’m super shy. So I as my title says. I totally need new friends ^^ preferably adult ones :slight_smile:

Hey Tinypixie! What do you like to do in-game? Dungeons, achievements, raiding maybe?


Well Im kinda a noob but im a real achivement wh*e, love getting pets, toys and mounts. Havent raided that much really. I play horde on draneor ^^

@Tinypixie: I see that you already posted in the General forum’s friend thread, hopefully that helped at least a bit even though it is not quite as popular as it used to be. Good luck on your adventures!

Thank you! But it seems like this forum is a bit dead or everyone already have a lot of friends since only one person replied ^.^

@Tinypixie: Unfortunately there is also a problem with invites not always going through. I have been forced to ask people friend me from within game at times. So it is possible that you have been sent invites you have not seen. :frowning:

Well that would really suck :frowning: but im on dreanor and is named Tinypixie so shouldn’t be to har to find if anyone wants ^^

@Tinypixie: As a test, I have just sent you a friend invite from the launcher. It will be interesting to see, whether it gets through to you…

I got it! :grin:

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