Needed to learn the hard way that


your point?

theres none just some meeming

maybe i played too much dh to understand stuff anymore

lol fried spec

tbh there is no specc that dps rotation/dmg agenda is hard to get off.

if you are ablte to read you are able todo your rotation/setups.

well you might aswell check the healing how much it actually did.

Actually not, mage in typical 3s match outheals ferals or rets, deifference is that mage doesnt need to cast anything to heal.

Mages usually outheal healers aswell.
Free cr class imo.

forums is bugged or maybe for me thats why 2 posts above deleted.

To anoraaz:

ok you have 1400 games played in 1600 on DH super hard 200iq class. so please go ahead and make a mage and show us the free rating you will get. Will you get free 2000 as 0 iq easy class mage? since you are 1600 with 1400 games as dh I don’t know why you are torturing yourself since you have a solution already… which is mage free cr. so please i suggest you go ahead and quit DH at this point and play mage.

Honestly if you play mage, you wont get even 1400 its my guarantee!

So what is point of me talking? Check your own gameplay and try to fix it instead of just blame other classes!

Who cares? Are we in some ‘get cr in as few games as possible’ challenge or what? (haven’t read the remainder of post)

no it is not contest. reason why I pointed it out is because it is indicative of the fact that you are ‘stuck’ at the said CR. Then I see that a stuck guy is blaming other classes for his failures. So I decided to help you by saying that don’t be in that mindset, better if you check your own gameplay and work on mistakes, instead of raging/blaming which will not help you and actually trap you “oh its fine I cant improve because other classes are OP…”

Ok, I’M SORRY I’M NOT GLAD. I need to kill myself now or what? What’s your point? I’m not allowed to post on forums after I played A WHOOPING 1400 GAMES? I need to create new character now to reset it TO MAKE YOU HAPPY?

Many of them are disgustingly OP and this is objective truth many agree on. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME btw. If I’ll ever need YOUR EDUCATED OPINION on how well I perform I’ll ask it explicitly.

Just oneshot someone with the hunt for what u need deff cds

This is what happens when they design a class for the lowest common denominator.

If the defensive cooldowns are RNG you can’t even call a DH player bad for dying with them ready because there’s a very real chance that they wouldn’t have done anything anyway.

I doubt you’d rank higher on a fire mage than what you rank with your DH. Even after a thousand matches.
If you randomly press buttons, are unable to do efficient mechanics for targetting, interrupts, cc, and can’t correctly use alter and shield (while in most matches you’re against a healer that will purge you, and sometimes a dps that will also assist in purge) you will have very little success.
Even wrong positioning but correct buttons will end up with you dead, or ending up with you not having any effect in one game.
Mage has many tools but they’re worthless in the wrong hands.
Just by how your UI is set up, and your inability to do the multitasking caster requires, I re iterate that you will almost certainly not get higher ranking than with your DH as a mage

He is clearly wrong about mage being easy class but he isnt wrong about shields.

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