Needed to learn the hard way that

Dh’s darkness seems kinda useless :smiley:

yeah darkness isn’t that great, you can easily die through it if you just get a bit unlucky. then again you can die through almost anything short of an immunity atm so.

Darkness is like Russian roulette. Most of the times does nothing.

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and i thought i did a smart play by predark a go while my healer got cc’s

Yea, Darkness was good with a PvP talent before, but they nerfed/changed Covered in Darkness with 9.1, so now it’s useless

Yeah, it’s just too random. They should make it a 50% wall instead or something.

they should just make it 70% again in pvp baseline

its good that they nerfed leech, bladedance that you are not that godclass that only can get killed in stuns. So they are squishy but then the big def cds matter and that way darkness should have stayed :smiley:

What buff DH even more?!

Every second game in arena atm is vs a DH.

10 second blur is a joke, high damage and crazy mobility for a melee class.

IIRC Cheap Shot (the stealth/ shadow dance ability) can never miss against parry/dodge (can only be immuned), so I don’t think you’re unlucky here.

Someone could correct me if I remember wrong though.

He doesn’t ask for a buff, he show you how darkness is not that good, which is true.

Darkness is like an immunity

if you need good selfhealing as DD → play mage

Darkness is actually an avoidance to dmg. Used to be 70% before SL now its 50% in pvp and 20% in pve.


Every 2s game is either a hunter, a warrior or rogue and then feral or ww monk 90% of the case.

Dh is mobile and has high consistant dmg and good burst. But its a glass cannon/squishy which is fine. Thats why it has cooldowns like blur and netherwalk or as said darkness.

Its quite like ww atm just with less random out of cd oneshot burst cause of spin to win. you have your eyebeam glaive tempest burst every 30 seconds. But atleast this doesnt kill your whole team :smiley:

It was dumb when dh was just only killable in stuns. But they fixed that with the removal of leech outside of the talent choice, and the bladedance dodge beeing removed. (Thank god)

its just darkness that is bad, which shouldnt be for a 3 minute cooldown you need to pre use to get value out of it. The design of it alone is bad cause its not reliable or cinsitant. you actually dont know the value you get out of it. its like an rng refensive.

THe story would be another if the meta wouldnt be as fast as it is now.

Agree to disagree. In 3s, every other game has a DH involved.

I do agree that there are too many BM hunters around but just saying hunter in general isn’t the full truth. I’m MM for example.

It’s not like dhs had another spec to play.

You are correct but that has nothing to do with Darkness. Darkness has a random chance to stop the damage of any attack, but you will get hit by every CC or other debuff.

To damage, when RNG smiles on you. It does nothing vs stuns.

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Hybrids heal more though

and thats the bad thing about it. Neither defense abilities nor offens (ringing clarity for example) should be rng.

BUt either way i have to deal with it anyway that darkness is useless against any harder go with major cds. maybe pre blur + dark and trinket netherwalk on combust in rmx cases.

demonhunter be like : 4k autoattack crit burst

Yes CoS in TBC is another prime example of why RNG defensives are bad.

Yes, illidari can be stopped.