NELF Priest LF Guild

Hey ya’ll,

I’m a new WoW player and I’m looking for a guild. I started playing this morning and as of writing this I’m a measily level 11, but I plan on playing alot these next couple of months. What I’m looking for is a guild that can help me with the basics of the game. With the end goal in mind of doing all of the end-game content.

I am almost 20 and from the Netherlands. Just finished my first year of college and I’m looking forward grinding out WoW during my vacation.

Hey, welcome. I suspect I might be a little late to reply but you may be better off seeking out the Nethergarde Keep discord, it has 3.5k+ members with lots of guild recruitment.
The forums are a pretty useless to look for guilds, from personal experience (although got lucky)…
Here is another thread with the link in, I can’t post my own link.

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