Neltharus nerf when

the beast and the last boss is insane.
Nerf it harder.
I know you’re making dungeons easier for us but this is way overtuned

Will you give better explanation? What exactly is the problem? At which level?

Chargath in my run today refused to throw his spears, so we couldn’t interrupt his Fiery focus. Nerf it pls…

he ran through all 3 spears at the same time for us and everyone got one shot (lvl 13) hehe

the last boss is definitely a noob stomper.
If one person does not throw the weapon, you will most likely not break the shield.
if one person dies, you will wipe

What i don’t understand is why if you break the shield and stun the boss, the swirlies he throws continue. he gets a 100% dmg buff but you cannot dps because everything is full of swirlies.

the rate at he casts the shield is also way too often…

Well thats your groups fault.

True its really so stupid that they keep comming.

16 and above. Whatever key. First boss hits harder if the fight is long, and fight is bound to be longer while tyrannical. It’s okay for it to hit harder, but even after little time is passed, it hits way too hard.
The last boss is too frequent in casting shield. You have little time to actually damage the boss cause the shield is up way too often. It hits way too hard and even after the shield is broken, the ground thing you need to avoid remain until the boss is out of stun, which makes it almost impossible to damage it while it’s stunned. Also you hVe one charge-melee item where we have to be careful when to use it, so shield sometimes can’t be broken fast or at all even if you do the tactics correctly.

Needs massive nerfs and design check.

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i know but it was hilarious

anyways this dungeon is the new rlp… every week will be crap. i am very certain fortified slaps very hard as well

Fortified every dungeon will slap


Blizzard should just remove fortified and tyranical and start balancing the dungeons properly

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Thz dungeons in season 2 arent bad as season 1 in difficulty, there are hard bosses but i also see that most tanks doesnt know the right mechanics of most bosses tbh. Are some overtuned? Ofc and they are tuning far more freqeuntly.

underrot will be fine I think, didn’t get clapped a lot there

besides the dragons in halls of infusion, I think will not be tooooo bad either.

neltharions lair will be of course the worst yet again, and neltharus won’t be far behind it

but yes, I think I will get roflstomped next week.

Also is it just me or have the mobs in first part of vortex pineapple incredible high health? They seem to stay alive forever

I hate those 2 mobs on the bridge really. No in fortified weeks i am going dps spec. Tanks think they are rambo 3.0 no ty.

i can tell you unfortunately that it is often the dps that flame the tank for not pulling more.
on the first day i was cautious too overpull and then i get comments : "really you want to do like this? 1 pack? " no fun to play with 3k rio people honestly, also they seem not to be better than avg. 2.5k joe that is much more friendly and dont think they are mr. perfect

Well if i am tanking and they say that i pull less just to torment them.

Yeah it’s insane. Not even players 3.1k rio previous season can kill the last boss on a +12. or maybe they are just bad or got boosted.

having plaed quite a few nelathrus dungeons in the range of 12-15 and mostly with 2.8 -3k rio players i can safely say they just sucked.

had people not using items or using the item when there was no shield or starting to pick up an item when the shield was up already…
even after writing what to do please picked up the item and used it right away.

m+ and pve is highly repetitive so they probably need a while to automate their reactions

It’s doable but also really comp dependent. Running the dungeon with 3 ranged, with one of them being a mage and the healer being a resto shammy it’s easy af with two curse dispels and the ranged able to burst still while boss is stunned. However if you’re running mele heavy comp with a mele healer like hpal or mw who can’t decurse and has to be in mele range to heal, it’s a whole different beast. Hopefully blizzard balances it so you’re not locked into certain comps with mele healers being told to take a hike, feels like a bug that the boss also keeps casting swirlies after the shield has dropped.

interesting enough is that I never wiped because of the curse.
Always wiped because couldn’t break the shield and then people eventually died from dodging the swirlies because healer cannot heal or they just got hit by a swirlie

Yeah the curse hasn’t mattered for us even as high as 20.

I think the key is fine besides magmatusk’s mutation dot scaling and lava waves, and the pools not despawning immediately when sargha’s shield is broken.

The Qalashi Warden’s Blazing Slash also hits way too hard. They do more dps than every boss.