Nerf disgusting H Priest to the ground

Thank you, please do as above.


yeah its insane you can be doing 130k dps and this spec just keeps pumping people from 20% to 100 and even if they just guardian angel, oh you wanna cc them jk angel form

Honestly it’s not just them but evokers too, it feels like pad damage has literally no impact whatsoever in the game unless you are playing an affli lock where they suddenly can’t dispel anybody from dots because they know they will actually just die. Not until deep dampening anyway. Overall healing feels too high compared to constant damage.

And now how it really is: nobody gives a crap about UA anymore and every healer spam dispells or at least on every Soul Rot because the damage on the amount of HP people have is irrelevant again.
Also prevoker can literally dream projection mass dispell with a macro with time stop without taking damage and silence because of some weird interaction.

it is what it is

literally there is no reason play any other healer than prevoker or hpriest

Bruh, dots aren’t meant to kill fast. It’s supposed to be a slow death.

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hpriest and preserv need massive nerfs


That’s just what this season is.

You and your teammate have done a total of 20 million damage already.

The enemy healer is 90% mana and jerking it on the pillar

And this applies to almost all the healers


Meanwhile healer players complaining nonstop about basically everything, when most specs can literally drink their coffee while outhealing everything for a few minutes

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Tell me you don’t play healer without telling me you don’t play healer😂

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Playing healer is only difficult in 3 scenarios

  • Your teammates are bad
  • You are bad
  • Your enemies are very good

Let’s say you remove the “You are bad” factor by improving. Then you remove the “Your teammates are bad” factor by simply quing premade brackets.

You’re left with playing healer only being difficult against really good enemies, meaning higher MMR. This is offset to a degree by you not being bad anymore.

So that’s about it.

Most healer mains lack the confidence to win games more easily. Playing healer will always be harder than playing DPS, but that doesn’t mean you can easily win in a lot of scenarios.

Tell me that a DH players complains about other classes having it easy and I know it’s Irony.


I’m not sure he is… He should be! But these forums?..

I don get it, we can also say:

Playing DPS is only difficult in 3 scenarios

Your teammates are bad
You are bad
Your enemies are very good

No difference on playing healer vs dps if these are the available scenarios…

Reading must be very difficult.


I also play Holy Priest, and that’s the whole point of this thread, how easy it is sometimes, but I suppose that is difficult to understand for somebody of your caliber.

Anyways, yeah, people think you can’t have easy games as a healer.

Of course you can. You grab 2 DPS for your easiest team comp (or 1 for 2v2) and voila, magic happens, your games aren’t hard whatsoever, until you face really good opponents that make next to no mistakes.

I’m healing 2.4 mmr Shuffles on my Priest and if my teammates are good, I barely have to do anything. If my team is feeding, well, then its a nightmare.

That’s the distinction.

So it’s not about complaining. On the contrary, I’m enjoying both my Prevoker and Hpriest this season a lot, even if my Pres has negative winratio since I’m still not even close to good on it, it’s still fun.

But it is a bit absurd how you can outheal any damage for a very long time without running out of mana or any big effort if you aren’t getting spam crowd controlled.

As I said above, you and your teammate dealt 20 million+ damage, the healer’s mana isn’t moving.

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Tbf, priests are absolutely disgusting atm.

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Yeah, cuz hpriest literally has no weakness >.<

I did confuse you indeed with another Dh from another thread, so apologies for that comment.

Healer is considered as harder because of how much the Shuffle bullies the role around. That’s it. Literally all valid healer complaints start and end at Shuffle. The last time I’ve played Shuffle was in mid season 2 when the top 100 in Shuffle consisted of 97 dps and 3 healers. I think it’s a bit better know but looking at the statistics it still seems that it’s still heavily in favour of melees and that healers are underrepresented.

I’ve mostly played Disc so far and enjoy the game as well. Trying out Holy as well currently. Might be a harsh opinion but I personally do enjoy playing against all healers that aren’t druid or monk.

Of course healers do make a lot of nonsense complaints (like complaining about CC when trinket is already on 90s cd, which was a mistake imo, and almost all games I have end either on mana or when dampening becomes so high that red numbers > green numbers) but there are also valid complaints, like how they have disadvantages in Shuffle based on their or how stupid a 6 round pseudo 1v1 against another healer is when the matchmaking tries to avoid mirror matches (like queuing 5 Shuffles in a row into groot spamming resto druid in S2, much fun).

Right now there is almost 0 reason to play other healer than H Priest or Preservation Evoker besides the fact that they cannot go out out of Root/Beam (unless Priest is Gnome of course). Other than that they are faaaaaaaaar better than other healers. You can unnerf R Druid buff R Shaman, H Paladin, MW Monk or even Disc but then nothing will die. Imo nerfs are reasonable.

Is there any player with a more unwarranted, inflated ego than Irony?

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You gave me a good puzzle not going to lie xD