Nerf mm hunter

wtf just stupidly op. Skill = 2 btns?

Edit: just wanted to rant a bit


MM on live in PvP?

nah just pve. I am only disappointed with the direction of the developers in terms of class balancing but who cares fotm is my goal for dragonflight

look at MM hunter it is worse spec in game :rofl:

at least im not the last :face_holding_back_tears:


seems time to gear up my warlock :rofl:

Dont. Its fun!

No matter where they put us in these silly little graphs we remain Fury4Lyf!

MM is only impressive in low mythic+ keys where double tap+ covenant ability + trueshot results in big burst.
But once mobs start getting more hp in higher keys you will find out MM is far from OP. You need to look at survival for that.

i just want a expansion where paladin is not middle pack, bottom pack or none existent :stuck_out_tongue: we should be top for once :smiley:


Sadge ): I love my fury warrior but sometimes I feel like I’m hitting bosses with a towel

it is not the size what mathers it is how you use it one rison why warrior and DH do bad dps they just swing and smash their weapon when it comes to rogues and druid they dont just swing and smash :stuck_out_tongue:

mm is a burst class deal whit it and not every player likes to play a spec that need a tons of buttons to play.

they was going to make the kyrian abity to a party buff so all in party can attack mobs whats out of sight :rofl:
imagon how broken it had been in arenas

all 3 hunter specs are a nightmare for rogues if play’d well.
but you got a point that los ignoring abillity’s have no place in pvp.

if u look at this

it says in one spot
Master Marksman should work with melee abilities as well.

so in DF MM getting melee abilties aswell ?

So he turns from Marksman to Meleeman!

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