Nerf nerf nerf in pvp

Every time patch come with a nerf in pvp stealth on mangus for tier set. Now nerf on damage, heal reduce (necrotic wood) and defenses are going lower again. That is not tuning this time is Nerf!!! Nerf nerf every patch… So boring


Well seems we are not playing DK in season 4 the armor nerf hits way harder on DK than it does for war and pala,
then there is the unholy nerf,
instead of just nerfing wounds all the way down and putting that damage in to our rot damage and minion damage they just go the lazy way as the normal,
at this point i don’t know what blizzard are doing at the HQ but for all this years whit the low effort put in on the DK class design it’s clear they have malicious intention against the DK community.


Iw just deleted game and blizzard launcher


It’s either that or just do what everyone does - play paladin


The think is I like this fantasy of unholy and I hate the multi class and everytime new bosses for pvp every patch the way pvp is, in 3 days you full gear ready to Play so I don’t get those Nerf what ever good will massive players are swapping. The second class I like to play is lock Demo.

Impossible to play pvp nowdays with the dk

we are just a piniata


what do you mean? paladins are WORSE off than us, all according to the Bozo i argued with in other threads.

Yeah, I’ve noticed as well, I’m almost certainly not playing it correctly, but my Warrior friend does twice the damage I do and we’re the same gear.

Granted we have lots of rust to shake off, but it’s kinda bad when I feel like his literal peg leg, because I don’t do damage, and it’s not like I have utility, or powerful defensives, or insidious control, or over-the-top heals as a DK.

I got one thing; damage, and even that isn’t there.

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i am also not a pvp pro by any means of the imagination, yet ive played this game for so many years now i have a rough skillset on how to go about it, of course that muscle memory changes every expansion because nearly every class get new tools or behaves differently/more powerfully, while we stay the same or weaken in some cases.

i dont even have the hardcore PvP addons, the ones that track enemy cooldowns separetly on the side, stuntimer on portrait, callouts of stealth near you etc etc, and i kept thinking for the longest time that i was just not good enough, not enough experience facing Bm hunters and Demo/destro warlocks or such. they have put all this time in arena and PvP, know their addons and muscle memory, i should be at a disadvantage.

now after having actually leveled and tried a few other classes finally, i was angry, mad, dissapointed, rageful, wanting to send something via mail in minecraft to certain designers etc etc…It’s a joke, pure joke, Damage is lesser than everyone, mobility is lesser than most, burst is lesser than everyone, our self healing and preservation and defenses are laughable. Our numbers and mechanics are not there, and never was, it was like removing a backback of training weights, having a few go’s with other classes.

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after this pach yes dks are useless again wasnt a ballance you need to get carried again.

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