Never Join This Toxic [H] Guild (Realm First)


Hey Noggnfogger,

I was shocked today of how greedy people can be … I join a Guild called “Realm First”
I was raiding with them since day one and bearing the long hours tell we started to clear everything smoothly …
And all that time I couldn’t roll for any loot since they keep changing the loot system every week … so I end up getting nothing from MC … and It was Fine by me cause since we started clearing it now gear will come in time … it was never the matter

But now that I got DKP to spend on gearing up … they told me that there is no spot for you and that you need to gear up !!!

Like how can i gear up if you keep changing the loot system over and over again and that your loot system is meant for your friends only …

I remember the first raid they told me that i can’t bid on any item … it was fine by me … then after a few minutes before the raid ends they told me that ohh you know what you can but we for got that you had like 25 DKP!!!

2nd raid they changed the whole loot system into rolling on gear and Wep DKP Spend … and ofc I couldn’t spend anything sisnce there was alot of people with high DKP i will not ask why or how … and i keep loosing the roll since it’s all about the luck …

and know after i got enough DKP to spend I got benched and they are telling me that i need to gear up to earn a spot … how fair is that

I used to be the first one to be there and we used to wait for hours to fill the raid and sometime we get random people form outside the guild. and I never complained about anything, and know this is what i get!

Just a reminder to everyone … do your self a favor and never join a guild with that kind of environment … we helped them through the rough days and now after they geared up “the gang” and everything they treating us like this

A lot of people where complaining about the leadership and some hardcore players have left the guild and some even stopped playing because of that … and we stood right beside them to build this and after that this is the kind of treat we are getting!!

Never saw a selfish act like that in my life!

Toxic greedy environment leaded by a toxic GM Hunter “Cheesster” and his follow minion


Just don’t suck, OK?


I am pretty sure that guild benched you because of outstanding performance or your commitment in terms of getting pre bis and or enchants since day one.


lol read before you even type dork … but i don’t blame you since you’re one of that ninja league team! :smiley:

beside I love the list of reasons you listed up there … it shows your mental status! xD


You’re probobly showed up in full greens with no enchants and no consumeables because you cant play as much as everyone else since you have 5 kids 3 wives and 18 jobs. Soak it up, stop being a noob and try to git gud.


How can you not to join horde toxic guild, when the whole faction is toxic?