Never Rolled A Range DPS NEED ADVICE

Hey Guys

Hope your all well, wondering if you all could assist me with my Decision, as the title said never ever rolled a range dps, been mostly melee, I know its a stupid question, just need expert advice from yourselfs, i’ll mostly use it for pvm etc if it helps

thanks again

Not a stupid thing at all to ask, but it’s not clear how to answer. As always, it will depend on what you enjoy. I’m sure you already know the classes in general. What takes your fancy?

What is PvM? Typo?

BM Hunter and either Affliction or Destro Warlock are the great soloers, ofc, with the help of heir pets.

Mage always has at least one very good spec, through all the nerfs and buffs, but you want to be ready to change spec if you want to do top performance … or you can be like me, and stick with your favourite spec even when it’s oppressed. :stuck_out_tongue: One thing I will say for Mage is that the three specs feel very different to play, so you have quite a lot of range. It’s the weakest ranged class for soloing though, I think, and Torghast.

Balance Druid is very strong at the moment, and has all the other roles available with Druid … but you have only one ranged spec. Similarly Elemental Shaman. Basically, if the devs throw their darts and hit your one ranged spec with the supernerf dart, you don’t have another to fall back on.

Best I can recommend is to look up some YouTube videos on each and see what looks good to you.

Thank you soo very much, I do apologise, I was meant to put pve

No problem at all.

What classes are you thinking of? What’s your shortlist? Do you have a preference for lots of movement, or slow movement gameplay (turret)? Long casts? predictable rotation? lots of procs?

I’m open to try anything, though the idea of using a pet sounds fun, also i like the look of ele shamans, like the idea of using predictable rotations

Pet + Predictable => BM Hunter, Affliction Warlock. Also formidable playing solo. Hunter got totally screwed for Torghast talents, really bad, but their general strength and toolkit somewhat makes up for it.

Ele does have Earth and Fire elementals you can summon, but only on a 2 or 3 minute cooldown, so not really a pet class. While not the procciest of specs, it does have some, and has a very large toolkit, which may be a plus or a minus for you.

I really think the best thing you can do is hit YouTube, or if you have an unused Character Boost, you could do a Class Trial of each of your suspect classes. Just play each for a couple of hours to get the feel.

Of course, levelling is so fast these days anyhow that you;re not really wasting so much in levelling a new character anyhow.

I would recommend Hunter or fire mage, maybe if you want a pet Destruction Warlock.

I haven’t played an Elemental Shaman recently but I’ve heard it’s not bad.

If you want it to do certain things then some might not be what you want, for instance, be able to do another role like healing or tanking.

Warlocks don’t have pets. We summon demons. That happen to stay on our side indefinitely. Because they are slaves to us. Not endearing animals that we care for.

But to answer op’s question: what sort of pve are you planning on playing? I have always mained this afflock, and I have a beast master alt with which I have also dabbled in marks(wo)manship.
I have raided and played m+ in the past with both. Afflock was great during Legion and I had a friend who taught me hunter rotation so at the time I did well enough. I barely did any high-end content in BfA and I have only recently started playing SL.
Afflock is pretty slow in solo content (lot of dots, little burst) but survivability is great with several healing options (for self and demon). But as a clothie you gotta still be careful. For grouped content the health stones and soulstone are often appreciated as well as some other abilities.
Hunter, and especially BM, is very fast and pretty easy to play but don’t mistake easy to play with easy to master. And BM also has access to selfheal and petheal, and they wear mail so they live longer than warlocks…

PvM stands for Player vs Monsters. Really old school RPG term dating from the days of Everquest. It was kind of cool to hear it again.


Pick hunter or mage if you want to get invited in groups

Pick hunter. Its the best way to try ranged class.
BM - 100% mobile ranged spec.
MM - glass turret, its kinda mage with a bow.
In case you don’t like ranged you can always go with melee/hybrid survival which is absolutely awesome too.


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