New Affix Idea - Kara-Karpets

Something strange is being felt from Deadwind Pass - a certain smell… like new house smell maybe? New upholstery? Wait!..

New carpet smell!

But something has happened! This intoxicating scent is wafting over all of Azeroth!

Affix: Kara-Karpets

At Keystone level +10 and above, plush rug carpeting randomly appears throughout Dragonflight dungeons in the most obscure locations, blocking all ground effect visuals including AoE damage and other ground based affixes!

Earn the Deep Pile buff for every rug you stand in as mobs die gaining 1% Damage and healing per mob. Stacking. All stacks of Deep Pile are removed when you take any AoE damage while on a carpet or after 2 minutes have elapsed.

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