New Alliance player looking for guild

To keep it short, I’m a long-time WoW player and recently rerolled to Alliance on Aggramar. I don’t see many guilds advertising in Trade or somewhere else so I’m trying my luck here.

I’m looking for a small(ish) guild with a relaxed atmosphere. Basically I want people to talk to and run M+ with.



I know you are looking for a smaller guild, but I personally found in the past that a smaller guild often results in less people online. I am just a member of the originals and only joined because they are a large guild in an effort to actually have guild members online. Not only is it often busy, but it’s exactly as you describe, chilled and friendly. They do run Mythic+ too although I don’t often join in, as I’m a slacker :slight_smile: but worth a look! you can find them in the guild finder menu, just throw a join request and I’m sure one of the bosses will sort you out.

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