New Alt Catch-Up Item Coming Soon in Patch 9.1.5 - Grants All Conduits at Item Level 200

Now implemented.


its not clear.
if i have 1 conduit on a char, do i get all conduits with this item at 200 or does my 1 conduit get upgraded to 200?

it’s 213/226/239/252 every single on of them :smiley:

You get all Conduits, incl. for spec’s you don’t use, at iL200… even the two Korthia exclusives.

WARNING - There is also NO safety mechanism to prevent wasted use if you are NOT sure if you have any missing…!

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U want max lvl conduits for free while others ( like me ) suffered to farm all at 252 ?

Do you also want 6 x sockets ?

Sorry but no.

Maybe they have suffered to farm all at 252, ever thought about that?
Maybe, they want to play a different char in the new season.

So because you suffered once, all shall suffer for eternity of shadowlands?

The drop you mean?
Yeah my conduits are all at that level, so I don’t see it drop anymore.

I do still buy the upgrade one from the vendor whenever I hit 3k research. But it’s pretty disappointing to use it and see a random Finesse conduit get the upgrade.

And that’s coming from me; someone who doesn’t actually care much about the whole conduit thing. But it’s just about the only thing I have left to spend research on (I could buy the socket thing too, but meh).

account wide reps
account wide stygnia

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Yeah, you never seem to get the ones you are using as the upgrade. And yes I do mean the one that takes you to 226.

Ha! I didn’t even know about this and yesterday I was moaning because I had no frost conduits :smiley: result!

you can still play new char in new season with conduits ilvl 200.

Now we need a gear catch up Just a item that gives item lv 200 gear so i can do korthia on a alt thats squishy like warlock

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