New Authenticator Problem

I can’t login to my account.I recently bougth a new computer and downloaded WoW.When I tried to login it sent a code to my Authenticator but I didn’t receive any code and the authenticator app said '‘this app is retiring and you should download app’'After that I deleted the old one and downloaded new one but here is the problem the new authenticator also wants me to login my account and directing me to web site.When I try to login the site it says you need the authenticator code.I tried to delete authenticator from my account but to do that its again want me to use the authenticator code or use my sms.The problem is the I don’t use that number anymore I’ve new phone and new phone number.I’ve contacted the blizzard support they listed the thing they need for removing authenticator and provided them but they need ‘‘we need more info’’.What can I do to get my account in this situation.I don’t have my old number and authenticator.Please help me

you sent them the info they are asking for :sunglasses:

If you sent them the info they asked for then reply that you sent it.

I did that but they say not enough information ı even gave them rescue code from my old authenticator

If you have the rescue code, shouldn’t you just be able to enter it into the new app?

Hi there Erandel,

Looking into this it seems the matter was resolved by now, after you were able to provide some additional details for account verification.

If nothing else, I suppose it is a good reminder to always make sure you have up-to-date backups to important security features in place before you actually need them.

Full details here:

Glad things turned out alright this time anyway!

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