New Bear Regrowth macro?

Anyone got one that works so you don’t switch out if you somehow press twice / whatever on it?
Only trigger when it’s procced.

Hope someone has a fixed version! <3 :bear: :teddy_bear:

There’s one on Wowhead, not tested it tho… about to on entry to a BG but it’s:

#showtooltip Regrowth
/run SetCVar(“autoUnshift”,0)
/cast [@mouseover,nodead,help][@player] Regrowth
/run SetCVar(“autoUnshift”,1)

Edit: Yeah, works fine.

Is it? They broke it a week ago and for me it’s not fixed.

/run if InCombatLockdown() then SetCVar(“autounshift”,0) end
/use []regrowth
/console autounshift 1

Mine was supposed to only cast regrowth in combat when it was instant, when out of combat if would drop bear form when pressed so I could off heal someone. Worked great the entire expansion so far, till 2 weeks ago.

What is yours doing?

Edit: I tested yours but it just drops you out of bear form if you don’t have dream of cenarius procced.

Doesn’t seem it got fixed, no edits, no comments.

That is the broken macro.
It does no-longer prevent you from accidentally going None-bearform, it was broken - as said by Azalex - about a week ago.

No fixed macro for it yet.
I see bears on the guardian discord switching to a none-regrowth build because of its unpredictability.

Strange, it hasn’t broken form for me, as far as I have noticed

It breaks form if you accidentally use it in combat when you don’t have a proc (and you obviously have to be standing still when you press it because it won’t attempt to cast while you’re moving). I’m having the same problem with going out of form as feral even though I use the macro (which is annoying, but obviously not going to cause a wipe like it does for guardian).

it’s extremely annoying indeed. I’m hoping it gets fixed or they rework the ability, but seeing the past 2 weeks. I would not be surprised if they let it drag to next expansion or just ignore it till somewhere midway patch 14.2, where it gets accidentally fixed while working on WoD classic.


Yeah, you’re right. I must have just gotten lucky with my button bashing in the couple of games I had before posting. Not the same luck since.

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