New Class Sets Coming to the Trading Post!

New Class Sets Coming to the Trading Post!

Beginning with the month of September and each month through December, the Trading Post will be introducing new transmogs sets and new transmog weapon sets specific to each class.

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Nice to see some extra stuff added. Trading post was the best from dragonflight so far


Shame… Evoker staff just a boring recolor of Iridal. Not cool.

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Looks cool but where’s the rest of the set.


You tell me I gotta wait to december? cries in mage

Atleast I didnt get the short end of the stick… cough shamans cough


August where?

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I correct myself: Some of the weapons look good, but the in general sets look awful to me. Some sets like the mage/hunter one are straight up disgusting :joy: The only good set is the monk one. Also, the paladin/ hunter weapons look very bad/cheap and the warrior 2hander looks really bad too. The mage 1 hander seems like recolour. The warrior shield / 1hander is really good on 2nd view, but it doesn’t fit to most characters I’d say. It’s some type of fantasy cavalier knight shield from a disney movie.


Gotta wait till December, Nice…

The Monk staff (pink one) is legit the most beautiful staff I’ve ever seen. PLEASE make it a cosmetic. It would fit my pandaren mage so much.

it would fit any pandaren caster who uses a staff.

I’m legit sad I can’t get it. I was about to save up.


The purple/metal weapons look amazing, but yet again only 1 warglaive and it looks like :poop:

A class set being just a healm, shoulders, and waist, is extremely disappointing.
I had hoped that these would be actual sets and not just a couple of items.

But the priest staff is pretty cool. Ill give it that.


Hunter sets suck too it seems :joy: weapons arent great either but i suspose that comes with the class.

I would have preferred if the weapons and the sets were colour coordinated. Honestly the sets are meh at best, some of the weapon sets are quite nice though, druid, monk and warrior especially, mage also looks good.

That is one of my favourite pieces too, can’t wait to use it on my monk :smile:

Love the autumn druid items. Shaman items are sick as well, tho i wish i can use them on warrior.


It took all the dragon ball z power Blizzard could muster to write a forum post so they don’t have enough energy to maintain the servers rn RIP any1 logging on.

I like those weapons too. Curious whether I could use the appearances on my priest or if they are class locked.

Pretty surely class locked. Introducing them as class sets would make little sense otherwise.

Only on their respective class, I’m afraid:

Keep in mind that only the intended class will be able to use the armor set transmogs and weapon set transmogs.

Yeah that is my assumption as well… I love the offhand tho, crai.

Ah thank you for clearing it up Korrina! Bummer, but oh well.

Which is a real shame as that priest staff would go perfect with my void elf warlock decked out in heritage armor.

Its the only piece i would actually consider buying.
And i dont main a priest any more…

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