New class suggestion: Swashbuckler


The Trashbucket sounds better.
Anyway , for me its a No.


Go slam yer head on a marlin spike ye pig faced butt scratchin’ scurvy baboon ! :smile:

(Ponytaîl) #24

Half of the people can’t even write rouge rogue properly, so schmashmbuskcler, forget about it.


Imagine typing and ‘speaking’ like this , meanwhile using emojis @ 2k19


Couldn’t be more wrong…


“The rogues of Azeroth are the masters of subterfuge, skilled and cunning adversaries of those who dare not look into the shadows to see what lurks there.”
"From the high-contract assassin hired in secret by respected noblemen to the lowly street mugger, rogues are the ones called upon when maintaining the status quo requires a questionable solution — and by fulfilling it, they are branded as outcasts by the very society that calls upon their service. "

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