New class suggestion: Swashbuckler


What inspired me to suggest this is the Outlaw spec of Rogues. While i really enjoy Outlaw and is the only reason i play Rogue, i don’t understand why it is Rogues who have it.
Rogues are meant to be assassins basically. Hiding in the shadows to strike the enemy when he least expect it.
Outlaw is the spec that “break” this fantasy.

So i had this idea for an entirely new spec: The Swashbuckler.

Three specs:

  • Pure melee. Something like a mix between warrior and rogue using one handed weapons in both hands. While being fast, they also go headstrong in combat screaming like savages and using special attacks that uses pistols in short distance.

  • Pure distant. This one would be like the attacks that the Overseer Korgus in Tol Dagor uses.
    Rifle attacks and bombs, Blunderbuss and explosives. This would make the second class to uses physical distant weapons the first being hunters.
    Only downside is that they would require to use rifles only. So more rifles would have to be implemented in low level zones and new ones in order to counter balance that.

  • And this last spec is special, it involves using dark magic from the depths of the ocean. A mix between kvaldir magic and Tidesages magic.
    It is a melee spec with one handed weapon in the right hand and in the other it uses a magic chain with a hook at the end that will only been seen when attacking.

So this is just an idea i had to put out there. If a class like this gets done one day, oh boy imma gonna roll as a Davy Jones devil :smiley:
Drink up me hearties yo ho!


Many wow classes are inspired by classic RPG classes some are so close to D&D classes that they have not only the same concept but even the same abilities or even the same ability names. (Lay on Hands, Cone of Cold just to name the slightly less obvious ones, obviously stuff like Chain lightning, Polymorph Fireball etc will have some overlap)

Literally every wow class except Demonhunters and Shamans are essentially either a direct take or a very slight alteration.

Pirates are not your typical stabby rogues but they fall into a similar spectrum and in most games I know they are a subarchetype of the Rogue/Thief class.

I think it is not really necessary to make it it’s own class the overlap is just too large.

The first spec you described is outlaw as it is now, minus stealth mechanic So it is already kinda in the game.

The other two are something new though so I will give my thoughts on those.
The long distance spec with explosives bombs and rifle is what I hope we will get if the tinker class happens. I am not holding my breath but quite a few people have been asking for it and let’s be honest they can not make a class without a DPS spec and we already have loads of Melee specs and this would fit the bill quite nicely.

The third one you described from what I understand is essentially the reason Kul Tirans can be shamans. It is sort of unique but heavily infringes on both shaman and monk (who are technically also shamans) but could probably be made different enough to make it work.


A rogue is not just an assassin, it is essentially just anyone who does not agree with the traditional or honorable way of doing things, for example a rogue mage in this instance could be a necromancer or a warlock while a rogue druid could be like those fire druids from cataclysm.

assassin is simply one of the more commonly known forms of rogue due to it not exactly being considered honorable in most cases.


Hehe, was my first thought when I saw the title: roll a rogue with a pirate transmog, job done…

Game doesn’t need more classes, they can’t even properly balance the ones they have now…


they will never get balanced .doesnot mean we should not get new ones .

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My response will be in the same vein as Mûrloc’s. In traditional pen and paper RPGs, swashbuckler is a subclass to the thief archetype. Assassin is also a subclass to the thief archetype, as is ninja. I think the rebranding of combat into outlaw was a great move as all the rogue specs feel truly unique now.

Not saying your ideas are bad though, but we’ve already kind of got the swashbuckler in the game. What I personally love about outlaw is that it isn’t your typical melee spec, but rather a mid-range spec. I want to see Blizzard continue developing outlaw in this manner. :slight_smile:


I think the OP is onto something, in that, whilst an additional class would certainly be an overkill, with the change from combat to outlaw, we lost a very specific archetype that you cannot necessarily replicate anymore.

Namely, it’s rather difficult to play a classical duelist type. One that isn’t whipping out a pistol every 5 seconds. Combat Rogue used to fit that category, so I would like to see a talent change or another alternative so we could build sword-wielding rogues without pistols.


I feel that Outlaw is a contradiction in itself. It is a Pirate build but yet there is the stealth mechanic.
Unless you wanna roll as Edward Kenway, i don’t really see a pirate hiding in the shadows. On the contrary they would just go and obliterate the enemy like barbarians doing so in the wide open for everyone to see.
The Outlaw spec is like a cat acting like a dog. It doesn’t fit.
Pirates and assassins are dual opposites.
Yes Rogues are technically outcasts but let’s face it, they are assassins lore wise using daggers on most cases. It’s the typical ninja.

That’s why a separate pirate class with spells and attacks specific to pirates could be better and bring back the old combat spec for rogues.


Well, personally I don’t see it THAT different from Outlaw, as overall Outlaw is Swashbuckler style
And overall Rogues in my opinion are more than spies, assassins, thieves and operatives etc
But also a weapon master who is very quick and speedy, or a duelist
Outlaw in my humble opinion represents Swashbuckler and duelist well, you have pistol, grappling hook, dice stuff, parrying…
Even the Legion artifact, even with unknown origin, have pirate background and you get them from pirates (Eliza) and with aid of a pirate (tethys)
For shadow and dark magic you have Sub rogue… As for the water/ elemental magic…
It would a bit go into Shaman territory, to use an elemental magic… Although, this still can be a cool thing, if they give us some glyphs for it

You have Kul Tiran tideguards, who are similar to that… Imagine a Paladin, but with water magic and related stuff :slight_smile:

Regardless, it is a nice idea, and i always would love having new glyphs for visuals and alike :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Could work as a fourth spec for rogue. We don’t need more classes.

(Friscie) #12

yeah but i miss my abilties being saber slash and run though instead of sinisteer strike :confused: aslo give me back my cannon barrage!

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Hide then stabby, stabby is considered quite illegal, outlawish even.

Rogues having that spec is basically why it’ll never happen.

I’d rather no new classes and work on existing ones, even give DH a void spec.


What? No need for more classes? :open_mouth: Then there’s no need for new races. Might as well say we don’t need new xpacs. No new content. That’ll make things better :smiley:


If we get another class it needs to be

mail wearing

(Someoneelse) #16

I would say no more new races or classes. No new content is being ridiculous.

Each new race and class increases the work when they give us something new. let’s concentrate on what we have.

New races animation, proper customisation.

FF14 get new hair and most time an emote every three months. There’s more than triple the amount of hair styles than when they launched and they’ve only had two expansions.

FF14 has a much smaller active population than WoW.


I think it’s time for Necromancer to happen ^^
Or Sorcerer, Witch doctor…


Here’s a point no ones made yet - every new class from now on is going to have to be a Hero class. Otherwise they’ll hit level 98 and there’s going to be a void where they have no class hall, no weapons, no story.


Mail hardly fits necromancers. :smiley:


Ranged caster requirements can be fulfilled with dark ranger class I think .


Dark Ranger would be cool :smiley: Using bows and dark magic the whole shabang.