New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic

Qui vivra verra which is French for time will tell :wink:

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Yeah thats what im thinking but like i said, there seem to be a bit to many people thinking otherwise.
Which is getting me nervous because i dont want to waste already limited time on prep work.

How exactly are factions going to be balanced? Hopeful? Like you do your prayers? Instead of actually doing something to secure the balance, you just… hope???

On every single wotlk fresh private server over the last years, admins kept giving extra incentives for someone to level as alliance, like increased XP gain, rep gain, proffesions, free mount etc etc. And still the servers were always heavily populated with horde (they said 63-37 on my last one, I firmly believe it was worse).

So I ask: Besides the arena pvpers who will obviously go human, who else is going to roll on the less populated faction? There is zero reason NOT to roll horde without incentives or faction locks. And who wants to play on the dying faction anyway? Take a look at US Faerlina and Benediction and so many others for your answer.


Dear Kaivax!
A timeline on this. or at least a relative timeline would be much appreciated.

We know some of the dates:

  • Character Clone Service will be retired on July 26, 2022.


  • Existing realms ‘consolidated’ &
  • New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic pre-patch

will happen at the same time = pre-patch (week of August 10).

But will

  • PvE to PvP transfer restrictions removed

happen before or after realm ‘consiolidation’?

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US forum says it is like Servercharacterlimit off since last evening

So does the EU, but free transfer to HW is still not up :frowning:

Let us reserve names on fresh servers, please! =)

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Does this apply to both level 58 and level 70 boost?

i like it. some people will enjoy it

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Any ETA on when released?


Can we have a release date to know what to expect about the leveling process? :slight_smile:


Make it so that only fresh start realms can transfer to fresh start realms. Period and dont allow any boosting and I will roll a new char - I believe many many people will if this were the case, certainly people like me that never played wow back in the day. You see many of the old vets’ opinions are irrelevant - I have been playing MMOs for decades but I never played WOW back in the day I was an EVE and LOTRO player.

When I played vanilla wow, I then and NOW say it was the best MMO I have ever played by far. The thing is I would not want to go through the levelling of Rogue again on wow Vanilla (I bailed at lvl 54 on SOM).

I would however be prepared (I feel) to level a new char in Wrath as it will be kind of like a new MMO and as such would be as much fun as I had on Vanilla with the newness I relished.


That would be ideal for fresh players as after 3 months, ZA bears, Kael mounts and full T7 characters stacked on gold will arrive.

However, Blizzard will make tons of money from transfers and boosts. Not allowing them is bad for business. And this is not some passionate indie developer who wants to make a good wotlk private server. This is a multibillion dollar company, expecting profits at the end of each quarter.

Every decision they take is based on making profit. They even convinced some naive people that “community” is the reason for no RDF, while it’s obvious that it would diminish the need to buy their lvl70 boosts.

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I agree with every word you say. It’s strange that an army of fanboys hasn’t attacked you with angry posts yet. Do they have a day off?

October i think kind of 11 month like before maybe sonner

and please, please let Celebras live!

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Daily Reminder to Blizzard.

A reminder for you to please update that list of servers and include Amnennar, Razorgore, Gehennas(A), Earthshaker(H), Ashbringer, Mograine(A), Golemagg(A) & Mandokir

Why this dying servers weren’t allowed too ?

Check on realm we can’t make any dungeon or anything else in day (2 heroic / day for all realm)

  • Merge alliance heavy servers with horde heavy servers to balance it out
  • Give us free transfers out

Remember, that is FROM those servers. Not to them.

Open PvE to PvP transfers already

If Blizzard really cares about “the community” like they claim to save the dead servers already!



Daily reminder № 2

Listen to this guy and listen to the community,

  • Merge or close dying PvP servers as above and

  • Please do not close down Celebras and Zandalari Tribe


Not a very daily reminder 2 days ago and no new reminder :wink:

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Super duper excited about the fresh servers, but… You’re allowing transfers to them? whut? Kinda shooting yourself in the foot with that one. :confused:

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